Sheldon Lavin Visionary OSI Group CEO Recieves Another Major Award

The India based Vision Institute recently selected OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin to receive their Global Visionary award. The organization gives the award to people who show the determination to make their long-term vision for their company become a reality. Lavin is the perfect choice for the award. He saw the potential for growth the OSI Group had when they came to his accounting firm in the 1970s looking for help to expand their facilities and upgrade their equipment. Lavin gave them the financial support they needed and began investing a great deal of his own money in the company.

When the owners retired, Sheldon Lavin used the large amount of stock he owned to take control of the company. He created an effective plan to expand the company’s customer base from the Midwest United States to countries all over the world. Lavin also instituted a number of innovative policies that focused on protecting food quality, work safety and stewardship of the environment. Sheldon Lavin has systematically expanded the service area of the OSI Group to include customers throughout North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Today, the Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group has expanded their product line from solely meat to now include fish, poultry, dough and vegetable products. Since Sheldon Lavin took over the company it has expanded to have over 20,000 workers and 70 food processing facilities in over 15 countries. Lavin’s work has earned him and the company a host of awards. The OSI Group’s food service work in Europe has won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor three times. Lavin’s policies and procedures have also earned the undying love and respect of the company’s employees.

Sheldon Lavin has a diverse skillset. He studied accounting and finance in college. Lavin also worked in the banking industry for a number of years before leaving to run an accounting firm. One of the things that sets Lavin apart is his understanding of what’s possible with the proper use of resources, training of staff and the most effective marketing efforts. Plus, Sheldon Lavin and his staff have also shown the ability to work well with foreign governments as well as producers and consumers from a wide range of countries. Sheldon Lavin is also a committed philanthropist who regularly gives to a variety of charitable causes and organizations. He truly is a very caring, loving individual.


Sheldon Lavin is Ahead of his Time

Sheldon Lavin is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is experienced in building businesses and leading and managing empires. Mr. Lavin specializes in financial operations that are large scale, that maintain food supply chains that are complex. He tracks a variety of factors to be able to manage such operations successfully. Mr. Lavin brings with him a great deal of leadership skills that are the envy of the industry. He has become a role model for young entrepreneurs today. Prior to his foray into the meat industry, Lavin was in the banking and financial industry.

Mr. Lavin is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of the OSI Group. He has a vast background in the meat supply industry and became involved with OSI when they were seeking financing for the construction of a meat processing facility and he purchased a controlling interest in the company. The facility was necessary to continue to supply meat products to the ever growing McDonald’s Hamburgers. He soon became a partner in the company and focus on expanding OSI operations in Europe, South America and Asia. Lavin developed, and quite successfully, a company culture where employees are treated as a global family. This philosophy has resulted in low staff turnover rate. Through Lavin’s efforts and leadership, he has taken OSI to a new level of operation and it has become a food product supplier that operates in more than 17 countries, more than 80 facilities and 20,000 employees.

Philanthropic in nature, Lavin is an active contributor to several charitable organizations. The organizations include the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Jewish United Fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the United Negro College Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago. It is important to give back to the community and the citizens in general and support those who need a helping hand.

OSI has been the recipient of several awards since Lavin has been providing leadership. Most of the awards recognize the company for their successful management of safety risks and environmental and health management. Some of the awards include the Globe of Honor award by the British Safety Council in 2016 to OSI Food Solutions UK. The company has also been recognized with the Globe Visionary Award for having the ability to convert dreams to reality through perseverance. Lavin has also been recognized personally for working with several charitable organizations.


Hanging On The Financial Background Of Sheldon Lavin

Managing More Than One Angle

Diversity is the key to balancing a business if it works off creative ideas and innovation. The more options you have as sources of revenue, the more you can sustain in the long run. Diversity also gives businesses more access to resources. It takes a larger network and a broader access to tools or people to smoothly operate business.

The OSI Group includes OSI International Foods and OSI Industries for the reason of diversity. The OSI Group operates as a parent organization and umbrellas a variety of other companies through affiliates. The OSI group is the world’s leading food processing group. The agency services giant food chains and country needs.

The Advantage Of Affiliated Groups

The OSI Group can offer a wide array of food products like meat and because it branches its work into affiliates and specialists. The diversity the agency has is also an advantage to its market position as the world’s leader in meat processing. The affiliate sections of the OSI Group let the agency manage all business cycles.

The business cycle that exists in food processing consists of the basic systems required in fundamental manufacturing. These stages consist of production, packaging and then distribution. The coalition of the OSI Group allows it to manage each of these areas but as separate agencies and groups.

All In The Hands Of Sheldon Lavin

This structure we find with the OSI Group is a result of the agency’s CEO Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin got his start as a business professional after he earned himself a substantial reputation in the financial markets. This financial understanding is exactly what the OSI Group needed roughly ten years ago.

The agency is now branching off into international markets and is making a name for itself that stands on the financial background of Sheldon Lavin. The end result is a very ambitious drive to accomplish the work needed that sustains his new international market.

The mathematical precision of Sheldon Lavin is clear in the work OSI is achieving. The international market is booming, and there’s only one agency that’s claiming the emerging business market.

About Sheldon Lavin:

OSI Group and Comprehensive Food Processing Know-How

OSI Group, LLC is a holding company that’s located in Aurora, Illinois in the Midwestern region of the United States. It’s been around since 1909 and focuses on meat processors. OSI Group accommodates both the food service and retail worlds. The company’s global staff is made up of about 20,000 individuals or so. Sheldon Lavin works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of this massive organization.

The company bought Baho Food back in the late summer of 2016. Baho Food is a manufacturer that hails from the Netherlands in Europe. It produces a combination of snacks, delicatessen meats and convenience foods of many varieties. Baho Food caters to the retail and food service fields.

David G. McDonald works as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and President of the widely known OSI Group. He states that making Baho Food part of his company is going to help OSI Group expand in Europe. Baho Food is at the helm of five subdivisions. It runs processing facilities in both the Netherlands and in nearby Germany. Some of these companies are Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods. These companies respond to the needs of customers who are located in 18 distinct European nations. John Balvers serves as the managing director for Baho Food. He has a crew that consists of talented and capable managers. These professionals are all going to continue work with Baho Food. They’re going to collaborate with professionals from OSI Group in order to come up with expansion plans for the future. Balvers has expressed his enthusiasm about merging with OSI Group. Balvers indicates that he believes that the company has solid interactions with suppliers and customers alike. Balvers states that he thinks that Baho Food and OSI Group can accomplish amazing things as a team.

OSI Group is a renowned international food supplier that concentrates on all kinds of diverse products. It focuses on all types of pork, beef, bacon and poultry processing matters. The team members who work for OSI Group have a lot of expertise that involves pre-cooked bacon strips, breaded poultry, battered poultry, flavored sausages, chicken fried steak, taquitos, pulled pork, pot roast and fresh dough. The employees who work for OSI Group spend a lot of time thinking about subjects that relate to pizza, tomatoes, paninis, soups, salami, patties, tofu, nuggets and much more. OSI Group is a firm that legitimately understands food processing.

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OSI Group Continues To Enjoy International Growth

For most people shopping for food at their local supermarket their is no thought given to the origin of their purchases. It is also quite certain that most restaurant diners are equally unconcerned with where the ingredients for the dishes they enjoy were purchased. In most cases the companies that provide the food we enjoy operate with not much fan fare.

OSI Group, a company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a leading food production company. OSI produces a variety of product but maintains a keen focus on protein items. These items are either packaged and sold at local supermarkets or served to customers at restaurant chains.

OSI Group is a privately held corporation. Led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and president David McDonald, OSI Group presently operates in 17 countries and is focused on further expansion.

OSI Group has recently concentrated its expansion efforts in Europe. In August 2016, the company purchased a controlling interest in Baho Food. Baho food is a Dutch company that maintains facilities the Germany and the Netherlands. At the time of acquisition, Baho food provided food to eighteen European countries. This number is expected to increase under the leadership of OSI Group.

OSI Group’s European effort also includes the 2016 purchase of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe produces frozen poultry, pies and condiments. It is expected that with the support now provided by OSI Group that Flagship Europe will be better equipped to make use of new opportunities on the continent of Europe.

Despite OSI Groups focus on international expansion the company has not abandoned all domestic focus. In June of 2016 the company expanded its territory in the United States via the purchase of a Chicago food plant that had once been operated by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had originally intended to close the plant before being offered $7.4 million by OSI Group. OSI Group’s acquisition of this plant saved the local community of south side Chicago over 500 jobs while greatly increasing the production capabilities of the company.

The longevity of OSI Group has proven to be just as impressive as the company’s growth. David McDonald believes that the key to the company’s success has been its ability to engage the local consumer base with foods specifically tailored to cultural tastes. With each newly entered market, OSI Group is careful to educate itself in regards to the desires and needs of the local market to enable the company to sufficiently meet these requirements.

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OSI Group Continues Rapid Expansion

OSI Group started simply as Otto & Sons, a humble American, Chicago area butchery, and grocer, in 1909. It was a family owned shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky himself, who established the ethics and quality the later organization would continue to be known for. The humble meat shop would expand worldwide and grow to more than 65 shops, managing food production for numerous regions. It continues to expand in the present day.

In 1955 Otto and Sons developed what would soon become a powerful partner, McDonald’s. The quality of McDonald’s hamburgers would be supplied by the butchery, and the meat company would grow alongside the restaurant chain as it soon required an Otto & Sons plant dedicated to serving the chain. In the 1970’s Otto and Sons would follow McDonald’s beyond the United States with the support of future CEO Sheldon Lavin, while renaming to OSI Group. Lavin’s support would rocket OSI Group to new markets, with OSI Group serving Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Austria by the 1980’s and the Philippines, Mexico, and Poland by the 90’s. Poultry became a big new business for the company in the 2000’s, with expansion into India and Canada to follow alongside expansion in the United States.

Now CEO, Sheldon Lavin continues to mark his leadership with rapid expansion and a genuine interest in the companies employees and ethics. While OSI has become an international corporation, Lavin has succeeded in keeping his organization United despite its ethnic diversity. He is devoted to lessoning OSI’s environmental impact. He keeps OSI Group honest with policies that limit damage to the environment and remain sustainable for years to come across all of its facilities. For more info about us: click here.

Lavin’s history with the company extends past four decades to when he worked with the original Kolschowsky family. When the family retired he had doubts about continuing their legacy when control of OSI Group passed to him, as he did not want to stay in the leadership role unless he could positively expand the company. Now with numerous plants and with representatives that span oceans, OSI Group continues to deliver quality meat to the public.