The Chainsmokers Take Dark Direction

There are many things you can say about the Chainsmokers but laziness or lack of originality aren’t among them. They have managed to remain relevant in one of the most difficult periods for artists in general while still maintaining a unique style. Now, they want to move away from their college minded style into something more mature. This darker turn is going to change how people think about the Chainsmokers and what they’re about. It means the duo has a lot to do in order to pull it all off and give the crowds what they want.

There are plenty of things you can see in the Chainsmokers that separates them from other artists. They are a plastic and creative pair with an eye towards the new and fresh. That means they are actively creating some of the most interesting music to be heard in college bars across the country. This new single “Sick Boy” is going to give an entirely new direction for everything they do. This new way of doing things is going to bring the Chainsmokers an audience that it normally hasn’t had in ages. A more mature and wiser audience than the college crowds they go for.

The Chainsmokers have so much to offer the world and they have no problem showing that to us. This is just the latest example of that at work. There are other examples of this in their past. “Closer” gave them a wave of energy they hadn’t had since the beginning of their careers. You can find plenty of college kids trying to do what they do and even more. What separates them from others is that they have made their vision clear. They wanted to target certain demographics and deliver a musical experience those crowds would find themselves enjoying the most. There is no telling how the future is going to go, but it seems that the Chainsmokers have a future ahead of them. Crowds seemed to have love what their past works have been and it doesn’t seem hard to imagine they will like what they are about to give.

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