The Legacy of Stephen Murray That Has Left CCMP Capital Performing Well

Many companies have emerged in the recent years to claim a space in the international arena. This has been led by the successive prosperity of different companies in service delivery to the people. These companies have been termed as the major economic development indicators of many countries across the globe. As such, the companies have continued to emerge and form the economic base through sponsoring many infrastructure developments. Many investment firms have also taken the center stage in developing the market structure to ensure a level playing ground for consumers. This is witnessed through provision and financing structural development through various channels aimed at helping the ordinary person. Stephen Murray CMP Capital has been a major player in the investment field giving the much needed financial services to the general public. The company was established in 2006 and has continued to offer great services in dealing with leverage buyouts and growth capital. As a result, many people have benefited from the financial education provided by the firm.

The history of the firm dates back in the earlier years when it was initially known as the JP Morgan having been founded in 1984 with Chemical Venture Partners. As such, the company has moved through the ranks over the years and has seen it change its name a number of times due to the merger of its constituent bodies. The name CCMP originated from the Chemical Ventures, Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan partners joining hands in forming a prosperous and productive investment firm. The firm has many areas of operations ranging from industrial services, energy and healthcare. As a result of good governance, the company has developed and expanded its base into managing over 12 billion dollars of assets. This has been the driving force that has made the company to move and progress positively in the service delivery. CCMP Capital is based in New York City in USA and has continued to expand thus opening branches in other countries.

Stephen Murray is a common household name in the world of business and financial management. He was the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and he helped developed the firm into a notable establishment during his reign. After graduating from the Boston College with a degree in economics, he developed interest in financial investment making his depute at Manufacture Hanover Corporation. He moved gradually to the top management inner circle of the company after the company went through different changes over the years. As the top management personality at the firm, he provided the best leadership skills that boosted the company’s revenue collection and increase in asset management. Stephen Murray has given back to the community through his philanthropic nature. However, due to the deteriorating health, he later left the company and died at 52 years old from health related complications.