Stem Cell Research Brings Breath of Relief From Sufferers of Lung Disease

Recent advancements in stem cell research will allow doctors to lessen the struggle of those living with COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or pulmonary fibrosis. These diseases at one time signified a battle that often left those with the disease very few opportunities to regain their previous lifestyle.

Though with breakthroughs in stem cells treatments specifically targeting lung diseases, patients are able to take back their life with a brighter prognosis for their future.

The Lung Institute YouTube channel explained by utilizing autologous stem cells, those being derived from the patient’s blood or bone marrow, and the phenomena known as pulmonary trapping, doctors are able to pass stem cell enriched blood over damaged lung tissue.

Stem cells by nature are undifferentiated cells with the ability to become specialized cells such as new lung tissue.

So by introducing the concentrated dosage of stem cells into the pulmonary trap, the undifferentiated stem cell can stimulate and aid in the healing of damaged tissues as it promotes healthy cellular regeneration.

Leading the regenerative medicine community in successful treatments, The Lung Institute provide patients with access to autologous stem cell treatments in one of their five facilities located across the country.

The website reveals that the Lung Institute has a proven track record of successful treatments with former patients regaining the lives they had before walkers and oxygen tanks became part of their routine. Their expert physicians understand every patient’s case is unique and needs an equally individualized treatment to be as successful as possible.

To learn more about the Lung Institute’s history of changed lives and successful treatments visit

If you have chronic lung disease and are interested in what other patients have to say about the process look no further than the testimonial page on The Lung Institute’s website.

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