Robert Deignan Draws Lessons From His Life To Help Budding Entrepreneurs

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATS Digital Services, which provides service to a plethora of customers’ technological concerns. The company was founded in August 2011. Prior to this, he served as the Executive Vice President at iS3 from 2002 to 2011, when he left the company to start ATS Digital Services.

Born in Florida, Robert Deignan was an avid football player and even went on to play for Miami Dolphins and the NY Jets. He completed his Bachelors in Science in Business Management from Purdue University. He has been involved with the tech companies right from the start of the technological boom and has built a career out of it. Right now he is at the forefront championing automation and wearable tech as well. As a savvy technical expert and entrepreneur, he lists down the useful things that helped him carve his bright career and business.

Robert Deignan believes in trusting intuition. Even after weighing pros and cons, he prefers to go with his instincts on deciding the correct way out. Hesitation in business can be deadly and so while meticulous planning helps, constantly being stressed about decisions can affect other aspects.

Robert Deignan considers it important to jot down ideas on a spreadsheet and analyze. Crunching the numbers is important to see the practicality of your vision.

Through his extensive experience, Robert Deignan realized that along with qualifications it is necessary to have the right mindset to be a fruitful employee and add value to the organization. So hiring the right candidates plays a huge role in deciding the success of your business.

Another important lesson that Robert Deignan considers important it is best not to mix business and family/friends. Business requires making tough decisions and emotions make things even harder. Not wanting to do something because it may affect your personal relationship may prove detrimental to your business.

And lastly, Robert Deignan feels it is extremely important to take care of yourself. As an entrepreneur, it is all the more significant to disconnect from everyday affairs once in a while and reflect on the big picture. This not only boosts creativity but also helps in increasing productivity by avoiding burn-outs.

Bringing Efficacy into the Supply Chain – The Impact of Big Data and Edisoft’s Leading Role

Time has always been a key factor in the supply chain when it comes to shipping – it determines cost and reputation for the supplier, and many clients are generally impatient. In fact, suppliers in the past solely used the on-time indicator to measure performance.

Today, however, technology and big data have made it possible to measure a wide range of factors that impact shipping performance. Here is an insight into how big data is improving supply chains, and how Edisoft can help you improve your competitive edge.


Across-the-Board Measurement


Considering that supply chains span several continents, the advances made in mobile communication have made it easier for those involved to liaise throughout the shipping process. And, coupled with GPS technology, it is now possible to monitor the shipment’s movements all the time and take note of any outstanding issues.

What does this mean? Well, it is now possible to account for almost every aspect that goes into the financial cost of shipping. What’s more, there are performance indicators for the physical aspect of shipping (transportation vessels) thanks to the increased control afforded by the Internet of Things.

The onset of big data has enabled suppliers to reduce the cost of shipping goods to customers all over the world. It has also improved the user experience for customers who now get their goods faster and in better condition.


Embrace Big Data – Use Edisoft


Edisoft is a trusted software and automation services provider all over the world ( Its software is easy to use and compatible with a wide range of platforms.

The main products of Edisoft are ERP Integrated EDI services. These services work with FTP, VAN, and Direct AS2 connections to receive EDI files via secure channels.

Edisoft’s inventory of software includes Merchant Xchange, Merchant QuikPak, and Merchant. It also provides conventional shipping automation services as well as software connectors for bin-tracking and shipping.

Edisoft has its headquarters in the U.S. and Canada, but it operates globally and around the clock to serve clients in all time zones. What’s more, its services are affordable and cover all aspects of shipping.

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