JD.com Unveils Plans to Study Underground Urban Fulfillment Network

JD.com is expanding globally in all areas, as the users are building their trust in the company and opening stores in the firm’s website. The company is gigantic when it comes to revenue income, therefore becoming well known in China, and also by its use of advanced technology in competition with other online giants. The company has announced its plan to study the underground urban network fulfillment and cloud computing platforms. These designs will be there to help the users in tracing and tracking the movement of their products more securely.According to JD.com, the study will focus on determining how the pipe corridors will integrate the underground logistics systems.

The purpose of the study is to come up with technology solutions for urban logistics which will be done using the tracks and pipe corridors methods for fulfillment.This is to ensure minimum disruption of people’s daily activity and, enable smooth flow of how the operation goes. According to the JD, the operation will result in solutions like solving environmental problems in the area.The company  JD.com says that congestion on the roads is brought by the increased freight transportation on the roads together with the massive movement of passengers in town. It is through this impact that most companies have decided to change their method of delivery, from roads to drones for the transportation of parcels to their customers to deliver on time.

From different sources, JD is the first online retailer company to use drones for deliveries due to its advancement in technology, and vision to expand in business activities.The study will be looking at how to change the method of delivery, from roads to underground delivery without disruption to other people lives and activities, to boost the speed of delivery and get their trucks off the congested roads. The engineer saw this as a big game changer to the company, as it will help solve a lot of mess in addition to congestion on the road. As highlighted by the firm, the solution will also help to preserve the environment through reduction of fumes from vehicles. JD looks forward in the future, to ensure that proper infrastructure is put to enable conducive business environment.


Taste of Technology with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a passionate entrepreneur and business philanthropist. Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he has tapped on technology and giving back to the community. Jason Hope went to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Jason also has an MBA from college’s W.P. Carey School of business. He is passionate about mobile technology and investing in startups.

Career Life

Hope is a board member of Arizona Science Center and a founder of Jason Hope –Tees. His company focuses on T-shirts making and printing. Besides, Jason focuses on researches done on SENS foundations. He is the chief editor of the Crunch base news. CrunchBase is a database of companies that sell data access and business intelligence tools. On March 13, 2017, CrunchBase was first published. CrunchBase is the leading innovative application that millions of clients use to discover investments, industry trends, and news for global companies from startups.


Jason Hope’s CrunchBase foundation is a master record of data on global top innovative companies. It issues a unique approach to researches on data collection aided by a strong community. CrunchBase believes that client’s decisions deserve the best collective information.

The company features the following emerging trends in current market business, bringing technology to communities in the region. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Biotech, FinTech, Gaming, HealthTech, InvestorTopics, Justice/Diversity, Mobility, Privacy/Security, Retail, Robotics, Space

On September 5, 2018, a professional networking event will go down in Moscone West. This will institute TechCrunch Disrupt, a world’s top revolutionary startup. Jason’s Hope CrunchBase will be launching game-changing tech biz. He will be having hefty discussions with the top notch, industrious innovators.

Web traffic and web app metrics are some of the free apps build in by Jason hope Crunchbase. Web trafficking boosts digital performance by intensifying client leads. On the other hand, web app metrics such as AppTopia helps to analyze the statistics on usage and growth of mobile apps.

Read More: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

PSI Pay Achieves Financial Success With Cashless Technology

Global cashless technology innovation company PSI Pay continues to surprise prospectors with the record financial results obtained from the success of its cashless digital technology innovations that are revolutionizing the way individuals buy, sale, and transfer funds. In fact, in 2015 the revenues at PSI Pay increased by 43%, business volumes also increased by 29%, and profit margins increased by 43% in 2014. The success of this organization has been predicated upon the popularity of cashless transactions in society today. PSI Pay continues to provide technological advancements that are creating opportunities for advancement within the banking infrastructure that are paving the way for creative new approaches to regular business transactions. With the creation of the digital payment ring a cashless device that is utilized to make purchases without the use of a credit, debit card or cash. The digital payment ring can be worn and waved over terminals to actually pay for basic items that customers need within organizations that have made the investment in the new technologies.


PSI Pay is continuing to provide safety and security measures that are backed by the likes of MasterCard where they are actually a principal member. PSI-Pay is continuing to provide research and development in the areas of biometrics and various other wearable technologies that will allow further advancement in the cashless transaction infrastructure that will make purchasing, buying, selling, and transferring digital assets extremely safe and easy. Society is continuing to move towards the realization of cashless forms of payment and money transfers online and is creating an opportunity for companies like PSI Pay to capitalize on this new phenomenon and develop reliable forms of technology to capitalize on this pattern of living. The safety measures utilized at PSI Pay create opportunities for the company to increase their reliability with the elimination of identity theft by providing data protections that will ensure proper execution and elimination of fraudulent transactions.

The technology infrastructure at PSI-Pay assists customers with opportunities that are on the cutting edge of the cashless technologies. The company continues to thrive financially and is committed to reinvesting in new research and development innovations that will continue to propel the company to extremely profitable returns on investment and lead to exceptional opportunities for the general public to make purchase transactions easier and more reliably.


Jason Hope Supports The Future Of Treating Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope’s Pledge

Jason Hope is an Arizona based futurist, philanthropist and internet entrepreneur who says it was an honor to have Pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. His donation has helped SENS get tools for the Cambridge laboratory and launch a new research program that will focus on the break down of human tissue and why it occurs. Jason Hope is very pleased that his donation will go towards the research of biotechnologies rejuvenation and its mission to fight age-related disease. He has believed in the work of the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation for quite some time now. He feels that their proactive approach to research and advancement for the treatment of these diseases are the best way to go.

About SENS Foundation

SENS Foundation is a non-profit public charity that is changing the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. This foundation was created in 2009 Some of the diseases that come with age are Alzheimers, Atherosclerosis, lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes just to name a few. These diseases cause our body to age much faster than they are supposed to. Today’s medicine focuses on how to treat these diseases only after they occur. SENS Foundation is taking a preventative approach to stopping these diseases before they start.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe Arizona and he attended Arizona State University where he studied finance. He then obtained his MBA from W.C. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. In no time Jason Hope made a name for himself in the international business world and became a much sought-after advisor. Jason Hope stayed close to his hometown and now lives in Scottsdale Arizona where he manages his many business ventures. He likes to spend most of his leisure time investing in philanthropic projects. He has a real passion for education, scientific research, and disease cure. His appreciation for scientific research is based on companies that are willing to change the way modern day medicine experts research and fight disease. The $500,000 pledge Jason Hope made in 2010 was only a very large donation, however, since then he has been an active supporter of the SENS foundation’s research and has been making considerable donations for a very long time.

Jason Hope’s belief in the SENS Foundation is not isolated. Several of the Nation’s wealthiest individuals are also donating money towards the age-related disease crisis.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

A World of Open Communication from your Email

Talk Fusion is a corporation that creates what they call video email messaging services. How it works is quite interesting, and fairly Advanced for what it is. The main concept video email is to provide options to communicate through video chat but in an email like interface. Not only can you send a normal business-related email to your CEO or Kali, you could also video call them within the exact same window. This may be very beneficial depending on how you attempt to use it, for business-related meetings or in case you just need to say something really quick in what a face-to-face call to make things more formal. Talk Fusion was originally created by CEO and founder Bob Reina. Its purpose was to bring flexibility to marketing advertising and allow its customers to use its services for that purpose. Whenever you use the video chat interface you have the option of collecting some sort of monetization. Not only does this make video chat email a wonderful choice for online businesses, but it makes using the services that Talk Fusion makes available to customers a very attractive resource and possible money maker. You do not require any prior knowledge of marketing or even video editing to earn some form of money. All you need to do is log on, start writing an email, and talk to someone you know using the video chat option that appears.


One of the more interesting aspects of video chat is the ability to earn money while you talk. Every minute that you use on the video chat interface is logged into the Talk Fusion network, and you are able to earn monetization money through talking to people you know. You do have to pay an annual charge to use the services, but when you consider all the benefits that it provides, and the ability to earn money as you talk, there really is no downside. If you are interested in trying Talk Fusion out for yourself you can easily locate the product on the company website. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOihUBWQy5-3QlEKA7s-4-A