Summary of the Famous TV Series, One Life to Live

One life to live is an American Soap Opera that has aired for just over forty years now through the ABC television station. This series was created by Agnes Nixon about a daytime drama featuring ethnically and socioeconomically related problems in a society. The goal is to emphasize social issues during the time of the movie. The movie has expanded from a thirty minute show to a full hour over a few years time.

This movie really focuses in on all the family members and issues of the Lord Family. This was a big wealthy family. The setting of this movie takes place in a fictional city somewhere in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show is also focusing in on and comparing the other types of families such as the working class Polish American Woleks, less wealthy Catholic Rileys, and the African-American Grey’s. One life to live was the first series to portray several different kinds of ethnic types, a great focus on social issues, and strong males.

The series is mainly centered around one character named Viki that has to deal with a world of problems. First of, she is a heroin addict. From that she deals with personality disorder, stroke, breast cancer, and heart problems. In addition to health problems, she is dealing with lack of money and a bad divorce. She received a heart related transplant from her husband to save her from all the heart problems.

The suspected murder of Marco Dane by Viki and speculated prostitution event has made critics crazy, but also won a couple of Emmy Awards. The 80’s had brought great success to the rise in power of Viki’s sister, Tina. In the 90’s the show showed off the first interracial couple in a soap opera. The event related to the rape by Viki’s brother Todd, was one of the most memorable events in the series.

Stacy Morasco, played by famous actor Crystal Hunt, who remains an extremely popular celebrity follow on Instagram, was a stripper. She worked as a stripper to make ends meet throughout the series and also to get more attention. Morasco got pregnant with Rex Balsom’s child and eventually went through a miscarriage.

Crystal Hunt started her career by taking part in beauty pageants at just the age of two. She has been in many commercials including the one for Disney’s 25th anniversary celebration and an anti-drug advertisement. Hunt has owned the boutique My Pets Dream, which was originally announced from her business plan on Slideshare, and which was a locally owned fancy boutique in Florida (also her hometown). She produced her first feature file “Talbot County.”