The Trabuco Was A Powerful War Machine

The Trabuco was an important war machine during the middle ages. It was a city surrounding weapon, which was used to smash city walls down or to even throw multiple objects over them. The Trabuco can also be referred to as a Trebuchet. The Trabuco differs from a catapult it features a counterweight which makes it possible for it to throw larger and heavier objects significantly further than the traditional catapult.

The counterweight Trabuco became a popular weapon in both Christian and Muslim countries near the Mediterranean Sea. It was infamous based on for its capability of throwing heavy objects at enemies as well as their fortifications as far as 800 meters with relative precision. Historical records show that even diseased cadavers were used as projectiles as a precursor to biological warfare on The Chinese are said to have invented the Trabuco around 400 BC. Europe was introduced to the Trabuco around 600 AC, where it was used until gunpowder became a game changer in a new class of weapons.

According to, trabucos had to be armed by pulling them back with ropes by several people; later on, it evolved to the counterweight Trabuco, which was more powerful and precise. History does not know who invented the counterweight Trabuco. This weapon on a smaller scale is currently used in schools as a way of teaching the physics principles of potential energy translating into kinetic energy.

Multiple countries used Trabucos, extending across Europe all the way to China. With the advent of gunpowder, the Trabuco quickly became obsolete.

History indicates that Trabucos were still used in the attack of Burgos during the late 15th century. Still, In the 16th century, Trabucos were used against the Aztecs by Hernán Corés when he ran out of gunpowder. In 1779, the last time a Trabuco was constructed by the military was the British as a backup weapon for their cannons, who were defending the Gibraltar straight and defeated the Spanish.

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