Why You Should Consider Working with Traveling Vineyard to Make Money from Home

Traveling Vineyard, a leading America company that specializes in the direct selling of in-home wine tastings for members allows individuals to work from home and make profits by being wine guides. The goal of the firm is to offer wine tasting in relaxed environments so that clients can enjoy consuming wine. Their guides reach out to the community and share the love for the wine that they carry, and that is how they make money.

Working from Home

With raveling Vineyard, it is easy to work from home as a wine guide. The firm will offer you with plenty of training and support until you feel free to start on your own. After training, the guide can consult the company anytime. Once you have been trained, you have limitless opportunities to make the money you wish to make.

How It Works

When you apply to become a wine guide, you will be matched with an expert within your locality. The expert will answer all the questions that you require to get started. Through this leader, you will be able to see how the business operates and visualize how you can make money from home. After deciding to become a guide, you are required to get a tasting room. Everything that guides need to know about Traveling Vineyard’s home business is available online. You will be able to learn how to approach clients, how to build a team and how to expand the business to make more money.

Traveling Vineyard hosts the Harvest Conference, which gives guides an opportunity to meet with other guides as well as get inspiration messages from great speakers. The conference offers short lessons making it worth attending. After signing up as a guide, you will receive a success kit, which has all tools required to get started. Among them are tasting glasses, bottle carrier and all order and paperwork required. The Sommology kit will have information on how wines are tested and blended.

Benefits of Working with Traveling Vineyard

There are several benefits of working with Traveling Vineyard. While working at home, you can choose to create a few hours in a day or a week, or you can as well take it as a full-time job. You can sell your wine from home, in special events or make the products to your friends and social media. Traveling Vineyard offers you with freedom, fun, and flexibility.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is an Ipswich, Massachusetts, based company that sells wine directly for home tasting to its guides. The company was founded in 2001 and gives members an opportunity to avoid the boring 9-to-5 corporate working model. The firm offers training interested members before releasing them to become independent agents.

To date, the organization has over 5,000 independent representatives. After training the guides are given sample accessories, ten wine bottles and tasting glasses. Through wine tasting events, guests are given an opportunity to taste various wines before settling on their best choice.

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Earn Money While Having Fun, The Traveling Vineyard Way!

The Traveling Vineyard offers a wonderful opportunity for any wine lovers out there that are looking to make some extra money in their free time. The life of a Traveling Vineyard wine guide includes a lot of wine tasting, some food pairing, and travel to wine lover hotspots like Napa Valley. Recently, a group of wine guides shared their inside tips with the NorCal News website and the list includes several ways to spend some time away from wine. The wine guides did not mention if they were on one of the many all-expenses-paid travel opportunities that the company offers during special promotions.

Wine guides who choose to work with Traveling Vineyard have even made the gig a full-time endeavor. The way to get started is to host a couple of in-home wine tasting events for which Traveling Vineyards will fully prepare you. The events can also offer food pairings which are a fun way to teach the guests a bit more on how to enhance their wine drinking experience. There is no need to be an expert in the wine field to become a wine guide, they just need to have a love and enthusiasm for wine and a willingness to learn more and then share that knowledge.

The company supports a fun atmosphere and that is more than evident across their social media platforms. There are countless photos from Traveling Vineyard wine tastings that show just how much fun it can be to learn about wine. The company encourages an atmosphere that is without stress or pretension, just fun, and great wine. The tasting notes that the wine guides are provided prior to the event will give them information that they can then share with the tasting guests. The wine guides are also able to work with the hosts to choose some great food pairings to serve with the selection of wines. There is something for everyone at these events, and many who are not so sure about wine leave the event as keen enthusiasts. Traveling Vineyard offers a great opportunity to earn money while learning more about wine.

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What Changes the Price of Wine?

There is a variety of factors that come into play when you are dealing with the prices of different bottles of wine. UK vintners buy and sell wine, so they know what changes the value of a bottle more than anyone else. Here are a few examples of things that can make the bottle of wine you are buying cost more or less.

Actual Cost of the Product

In any company, you have an overhead cost that reflects the amount of money it costs to produce an item. Two bottles of wine can cost drastically different because the ingredients that went into it cost different.

If you are using a cheap grape in one wine while only using the choicest grapes from a field famous for its productivity, chances are the bottle’s price will reflect that. There are also different materials that can be used in production that will add to the cost. For instance, a wine can get more flavor from a wooden cask instead of a stainless steel one.

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Brand Names and Perceived Value

Some expensive English wines are that way only because they can be. If consumers will pay that, then it would be a stupid business decision to bring down the price. Most of these wines are more of a luxury item and are almost a novelty. UK vintners have a lot of knowledge about what kind of grapes were used in bottle, what field the grapes came out of, and when they were harvested. This might help you make your decision if you are familiar with what your specific taste is.


All the UK vintners will be sad to hear that the majority of wine that is consumed in Britain is imported. English wine production went up and the people of the British Isles are drinking it up. Since there was such a decline in production in England, most of the grape varieties that they had were lost, but a few have thrived and continue to be used.

The history of the grape in the UK and the wine that it helped to make is an interesting and complex story The simple differences between one bottle of wine and another can make the difference of thousands of dollars.

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