Andy Wirth Ready To Restore The Famed Olympic Valley

For several years, residents of Olympic Valley were not sure of their economic future. First, the early Winter storms had stopped, which provided many local businesses their sole means of income from ski visitors. Secondly, a private group wanted to incorporate Olympic Valley.

After consistent struggles, it seems that worries of residents are finally over. The Winter storm arrived earlier prompting visitors to return to the famed Olympic Valley in record numbers. In addition, the legal battle to incorporate the Valley is also decided as the Valley will not become yet another “business machine”. For local businesses, there is nothing better than the decision because it means that investors will soon flock to the region to continue their development plans. In fact, these businesses can thank Squaw Alpine Boss, Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings Inc., who fought tirelessly to stop the incorporation.

According to Andy, he spent thousands of dollars to thwart the incorporation attempt because he believed that incorporation would mean a “death sentence” to local businesses who rely on traditional source of income. For instance, incorporating the Valley would deprive businessmen of such basic facilities as road cleaning and snow plowing services. Instead, these activities would be relegated to the private authorities. Similarly, incorporation would also mean that residents will not be able to share their resources with other North Lake Tahoe communities. Overall, everything would end up in the hands of private contractors.

After the legal decision, it is also notable that Andy and his company plans to extend public and tourist facilities at Squaw Valley Resort. In fact, final plans are already in place for a Gondola chairlift connecting Squaw Valley Resort with Alpine Meadows. The Gondola ride is among a series of high-profile projects that Andy is overseeing. According to Andy, his vision goes beyond facilitating local businessmen and residents in the area. In fact, mass projects such as the Gondola ride will help alleviate traffic congestion problems in the area and adjacent communities. Andy also suggested that the final decision will also give communities a chance to heal because the past few years haven’t been easy for the community.

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Securus Technologies Helping Prison Staff Increase Efficiency and Safety

Although we all like to think that those on the outside of the prison are as committed to justice and discipline as the staff of a prison, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a relative of a prisoner is engaging in conversations that may compromise the security of the prison. Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate communication systems, recognizes this potentially harmful possibility. Securus has implemented Investigator Pro, a software solution that allows prison staff to search a phone call’s recording to see if there is something weird going on. Stay up to date with Securus on


“It also identifies other inmates that may have called that party,” adds Michael Kester, the Chief Operating Officer at JLG Technologies. Mobsters who are running bribery gangs in large prisons can no longer operate under cover. Each evil kingpin can be easily identified. If he has been calling too many people on the outside with suspicious requests, staff can be quickly notified.


Securus Technologies is happy to bring a new level of safety and excellence to prisons. They know that one of the most frustrating things about being incarcerated is not having a way to chat with friends on the outside. Securus has designed their communication system with recording software, video chat, and even a digital complaint form, to help both staff and prisoners have fewer concerns.


Securus Technologies currently has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for their quality actions as a company in correcting complaints and providing supurb service to their customers. Securus Technologies was founded in 1997 with the goal of making the life of prison staff and prisoners much easier. They have succeeded in that goal, primarily because of their devotion to quality and innovation. Although some competitors often receive customer complaints of fraudulent behavior, Securus Technologies is careful to reconcile all complaints they receive.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How to Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy

Your hair is very important to your overall look. You want to make sure that it looks as healthy as possible. There are many things that you can do to keep your hair healthy. Here are some tips on how you can accomplish this.

One tip you should use to keep your hair healthy is to not brush your hair with a regular brush when it’s wet. If you brush your hair with a regular brush you can actually damage your hair because it breaks the strands. Instead of using a regular brush invest in a wide tooth comb. This will help to get any knots out of your hair but won’t cause any damage.

Another way to keep your hair healthy is to pick a good shampoo. You want to make sure that you do not pick a shampoo with harsh ingredients. Stay away from shampoos that have sulfates in them. These can damage your hair.

Try not to use too much heat on your hair when you are styling it. Blow dryers and straightening irons can cause a lot of damage to your hair because of the heat. You should avoid using these hair care tools a lot.

If you choose to use heat tools, such as a straightening iron, then make sure you buy a product that protects your hair. There are many different heat protecting products to choose from. Make sure you use these types of products every time you use heat on your hair.

Wen hair is a great brand of hair care products by Chaz Dean that will keep your hair healthy. Their products are free of harsh chemicals. They are free of sulfates.

WEN Hair offer many different products on QVC. These include shampoo, styling gel, and more. Individuals looking for a great brand should check them out on

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In My Eyes, FreedomPop Is The Best Cell Phone Company

In an effort to be fair and impartial, I read an AT&T review, a Verizon review, and a FreedomPop review. These three companies have many things in common, but FreedomPop stands out in my eyes for several different reasons. With FreedomPop, I’ll be able to get low-cost cell phone service as well as other services that they offer. FreedomPop has several kinds of unlimited cell phone services, whereas Verizon and AT&T only recently reintroduced unlimited services, and data tends not to be a part of their unlimited service. If I chose unlimited data with either AT&T or Verizon, I’d pay a pretty penny.

I could pay as much as $80-$100 more for AT&T and Verizon services, even though they would be the same exact services that FreedomPop offers for only $20. I took my time going through each review and comparing the different services that each company has, but FreedomPop always came out on top to me. I’m not a rich person and don’t have much money to spend each month on my cell phone service. Honestly, I used to be an AT&T user, but I left when they cut out their unlimited cell phone service.

I have so much business that I do on my phone that I need my service to be unlimited, and any company that limits my cell phone service, especially where the data is concerned, I can’t stay with them. I decided to purchase FreedomPop’s cell phone service for $20 each month, and I was happy knowing that I could add additional 4G data if I needed it but would always have unlimited 3G data. I was able to use my data freely throughout the month as well is making all kinds of phone calls and sending text messages.

I also purchased my cell phone from FreedomPop, and they gave me many different choices. With over 30 different phones to choose from on the FreedomPop website, I didn’t have a hard time picking a great phone, and I went with one of the several Samsung Galaxy’s that FreedomPop had available. I’m even able to purchase a tablet from FreedomPop when I need it, and they’ll supply the service for my tablet as well as my cell phone. In a comparison to other cell phone companies, FreedomPop seems to be the best, especially because of their low prices.

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Get The Clothes You Want With Fabletics

Many women love to shop on Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that was started by Kate Hudson. She is a woman that is very active, and she wanted to be able to provide women with affordable alternatives for workout clothing. Fabletics has a website that a woman can go on to and sign up for regular workout outfits. Each month a woman can choose a different outfit that she likes. She pays a fee monthly, so she does not have to worry about sending in payments each month on Pinterest. These are all well made clothes that are chic and fashionable.

Many people have seen the Kate Hudson Fabletics commercials, and they are hard to forget. In the commercial, Hudson is featured wearing some of her athletic clothing. She is usually working out, and she looks great. These commercials are very popular, because they make a person want to be more active. When a woman sees another woman working out and looking great, that inspires her to want to work out too. Many studies have also been done that show that workout clothes can be very important to a person on When a woman has nice workout clothes that make her feel good about herself, she is more inspired to workout.

Fabletics is a company that is dedicated to keeping women active. Not only do they have an amazing line of workout clothes, but they also have an outstanding swimwear line. Kate Hudson was able to work along with some premium designers to come up with her two lines. These lines have been very popular among women. They are colorful, fun, and they look good on every woman. Fabletics wear comes in many shapes and sizes, so a woman can get different outfits that make her feel comfortable and beautiful. Fabletics is really a unique clothing company, because they offer great clothes at an affordable rate.

The power of Gooee Smart Lighting Inc.

Smart Lighting

The advancements in the technological world have stretched into very many heights of life. Moving from the previously manually operated systems, Gooee is focused on developing the current status to automated lighting. An operated smart lighting method that would be incorporated in the smartphones is thought to solve many problems. Gooee firm is looking forward into establishing a phone used lighting industry.

Smart lighting is among the best technologies of the century with the move hoping to take the direction of all other appliances. Smart bulbs are a target for Gooee Smart Lighting industry in which sensibilities with automated features are going to be used. A configuration of Wireless system will be controlled via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and internet access. Automatic lighting for switching on, off and dimming will be achieved

Modifications expected

Many people are still welcoming the change with shock as they are not able to believe how the systems will blend into the existing applications and software. The automated dimming and color correction is said to adjust their color temperature during the wake-up hours and also sleep hours. It will be a system that would help direct many users on taking the proper considerations when it comes to time-activity management. Gooee Smart Inc. is becoming a forefront member in this innovation and thermostats would also be incorporated to control the house temperature.The Smart Light change is thought to create an efficient and interconnected home serene.

Get The Right Lip Balm With Element Of Smooth

Many savvy women choose to use lip balms in order to keep their lips feeling moist and refreshed. There are a wide range of different lip balms, lip sticks, and Chap sticks that a woman can choose from for her lips, but it is best to go with a lip balm that is going to have positive effects on the lips as well. Lip Balms are different from lipstick and Chap Sticks because they generally don’t have as much color, and they have a lot less added ingredients and chemicals as well.

There are many different types of lipsticks that are available on the market that can be made to last a long time. These are lipsticks that have a lot of added dyes and colors to keep a woman’s lips looking good. While many women may choose to use lipstick, some women do not want to have the extra dyes and chemicals on their lips. For such women, lip balms are the way to go.

EOS Lip balms are lip balms that are distinct from all others. They are organic and they come in smooth spheres. These are lip balms that are enriched with conditioning oils, such as vitamin C, jojoba oil and Shea butter. The wonderful thing about Evolution Of Smooth lip balms is that they are natural and they are dermatologist tested. These are lip balms that are free of petroleum and parabens, and they keep lips feeling soft and beautiful.

Evolution Of Smooth has many different product lines that a woman can choose from. The product lines that Evolution Of Smooth offers are the following: Organic Smooth Spheres, Multi Packs, Shimmers Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Sticks, and Active Protection Smooths Spheres. Many women try choose to use these balms, because they are affordable, easy to use, and compact. EOS balms are sold by retailers like Walmart and can be found online too. Check out the website:

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Securus Has Established More Positive Technology For Our Jails

Securus is still the leading company when it comes to technologically advancing the way inmates in jail interact with the general public. Securus was the first company to help inmates talk face to face with their loved ones. Now, Securus has taken this a step further. They are offering jails to cause inmates to use a digital system for all of their paperwork.

This means inmates will have to fill out all of their firms, file for a public attorney, and file a grievance through the use of digital technology. This can be done in one of two ways. The first way this can be done is through the use of a computer of laptop. Inmates will have the information displayed to them for so many minutes, and they will have to fill out all of the forms they associated with their situation. The second way this can happen is through the use of the telephone. Inmates can talk on the phone and hear the questions from a specific form in an automated fashion. The inmate can then answer all of the questions.

Securus does not charge a lot for this service, and there are payment plans available for all jails, regardless of how big or small. Many jails have already purchased this technology, and they are all very happy. These jails are starting to realize how much money they are saving from this Securus program. For starters, jails will no longer have to order hundreds of different forms every month. Moreover, inmates will be able to do everything themselves; a guard or clerk will not have to sit with them, as it is when filling out a form. This means jails will save money by not having to hire a person for this specific position. Inmates’ information will be kept more in order, too.

A Preview Of The Factors To Consider Before Renting To Airbnb

Property ownership is something that comes with liabilities and fears. There are several ways of earning from one’s property and one of them is renting to tenants. Airbnb is a leading company that has been accepting property from investors in return of compensation for the space.

However, as much as it looks like a gateway to earning quick money, investors have been cautioned to first consider the factors surrounding the decision so they can act wisely. Below are some of the things that have been highlighted by experts that should guide you when you want to rent your property out to Airbnb. Learn more:
Beware of risks imminent
Tenants are like visitors and once they are done staying at your property, they relocate to another place. This means they are less likely to care about keeping your property as pristine as they found it. Some of them may also rent the space to perpetrate activities that are illegal and a threat to the security of others.

In this case, you will be implicated and you are likely to face charges for allowing such individuals in your premises. Sometime the actions of the tenants may lead to damage or loss of proper belonging to your neighbors, in which case you will be requested to cover the losses.

Insurance options
It would be a relief to realize that insurance firms insure all types of rental property, but this is not the case since they also consider the risk margin before insuring property. Short-term rentals are likely to draw more losses due to the lack of commitment on the part of tenants, so getting an insurance package for your property may prove difficult.

Some people have tried the Airbnb protection package, but this is nothing near an insurance policy because it can only be useful after all other options are exhausted. You need to engage professional assistance like working with Richard Blair to understand what decisions are worthy.

What you should know about Richard Blair
Richard Blair is an expert financial advisor with more than 20 years in the industry. Founder and head of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has amassed a lot of experience and skills along the way, earning several certifications. Some of the certifications he holds include the Certified Income Specialist®, Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Certified Annuity Specialist®, Certified Tax Specialist® and Certified Fund Specialist®.

He helps affluent individuals and families to realize their goals through financial management and informed retirement planning. He is a social person as he spends most of his time with his wife and three children.

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Very Few Carriers Are As Good As FreedomPop

Although there is a difference between having cell phone service on a contract and service without a contract, the difference is only slight, so those who fear having a no contract cell phone shouldn’t worry about it. FreedomPop has a no contract cell phone service that’s just as reliable as cell phone service that’s contracted with many of the major carriers. Although FreedomPop isn’t necessarily a major cell phone service provider, it is on a major carrier, which is Sprint. Since FreedomPop is on the Sprint network, it gives reliable cell phone service to anyone who needs it.

Those that have cell phone service on a contract may pay a small monthly fee to purchase their cell phone, but the overall cost of the cell phone may end up be hundreds of dollars more than if they were to purchase it outright. Even those with a contract may still pay more for their phone service than if they were to join FreedomPop, where they would have no contract, quality phone service, and low prices on any cell phone service that they choose. FreedomPop has an unlimited service plan that is only $20 monthly, which is lower priced than any cell phone contract that a person can find.

The $20 service will include unlimited data, phone calls, and text messages, which means that the user can always have constant usage of their phone wherever they go. With widespread coverage across the United States, having a FreedomPop cell phone with service is a great way to save money and still have the coverage that is needed for the phone. FreedomPop is also proud to offer other services, such as WiFi service, home Internet service, hotspots, and they also sell wireless devices as well. The wireless devices are low in price and start at $50 unless it’s on sale.

The devices that are sold by FreedomPop are smartphones, so there is no need to worry about having to scale back to a flip phone or a straight phone because FreedomPop has the latest phones on the market. The smartphones sold by FreedomPop can even be used with the free cell phone service that FreedomPop is offering, which is great for those who need the free service but don’t want to use a simple phone because they prefer a smartphone. FreedomPop is an excellent company for those who want wireless service without a contract and at a low price.

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