George Soros is an American businessman, philanthropist, and investor born on August 12, 1930. He has a Hungary-American nationality. Soros, who was born in Budapest in Hungary where he had his early life had to flee the country to England in 1947 due to the occupation and invasion of the Nazis.

At England, he enrolled in the London School of Economics where he studied Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies. In 1952, Soros graduated with a BSc and MSc degree. After his education and four years stay in England, he left by ship to the United States of America. Luckily for him, he had his first job with FM Mayer, a brokerage firm at Wall Street. After a successful career with other firms, Soros being visionary on nybooks and his quest to be independent established the Soros Fund which he later changed to Quantum Fund and then Quantum Fund Endowment. He had $12 million from interested investors to set the hedge fund rolling.

Seeing the need to extend a helping hand to the needy as he was once also helped through his education, Soros in 1973 started some philanthropic activities and subsequently founded Open Society Foundation in 1984. The fund is basically to develop education, health, ensure media independence, promote justice and business development. Other activities of the foundation include combating diseases and helping victims of disaster among other things.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

Soros made headlines when he decided to raise fund to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the President of America. He launched a campaign with funds from himself and other donors, to the tune of $15 million to be able to reach immigrants and Latino’s who will take part in the polls. Known as the Immigrant Voters Win, the funds was directed to States with a large number of Latinos and Asian such as Florida, Nevada, and Colorado to influence the November polls.

His ultimate goal is to get 400,000 Latinos and Immigrant new voters who can be an instrument of change in the polls.

Soros got pissed by Trump when he referred to Latino’s as thieves and rapist which caused an uproar among the Latino community and dislike for Trump’s candidacy.

Other groups like the Libra Initiative is also ready to spend almost $10 million to organize Latino’s for a massive turnout.

In an email to the Times noted the Trump’s utterances and position to anti-Muslim and anti-immigrants is a recipe for chaos and undemocratic and dangerous to the peace and stability of America as a whole, adding that the art is Xenophobic. This is enough motivation for his anti-Trump campaign as he sees America as a more liberal country and everyone has rights no matter the race or religion.

Soros is also an author of 12 books on topics such based on terrorism and global capitalism among others.

Soros is currently ranked the 22nd richest person in the world according to Forbes. He has a net worth of about $20 billion. His worth is accumulated from his business career.

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NutriMost has Made Weight Reduction Simple

A recent NY Daily News feature, revealed that losing weight is a very taxing affair. It involves training and pushing your body to the limit so as to shed extra fats. It could also be expensive since a trainer is needed and a gym membership. There are not many food types that can provide the needed energy without adding cholesterol to our bodies. Extra weight comes with other undesired side effects such as headaches general body weakness and the looming heart attack that lurks in the corner.
I was amazed when I read on facebook the story of Dr. Rob Vasquez who was once overweight. He stated that he had been overweight for such a long time and did not have a clue on how to shed the extra weight. He tried different techniques and even went on to change his eating habits. Nothing seemed to work out. He was frustrated and almost running out of options. Then he heard about Nutrimost and just like that his life transformed for the better. NutriMost is a tested and proved fat regulating program that helps people to lose extra fat without undergoing the regular hassles and tussles that are both time consuming and expensive. Imagine his surprise and delight when Nutrimost came through for him and he started losing weight. I was skeptical myself till I read about how the program had changed lives. He started losing the extra weight at a very accerelated rate and within 40 days he had lost 35 pounds. At the long run he lost more than 60 pounds and has maintained a healthy weight count ratio since then.

He now works with Nutrimost life changing program and has stepped up to help other people lose the extra weight. His office is located in San Antonio; he has interacted with several people who are interested in losing weight. He shared his story so as to reassure people and to show them that enrolling to Nutrimost weight losing program works. He advises people to consume non contaminated farm produce that have been certified by US department of agriculture, eat more vegetables, regulate sugar intake, understand the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies and always get a body composition analysis.

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Philanthropist Bob Reina Donated Substantially to Human Society in Tampa Bay

The Human Society in Tampa Bay has provided millions of services to animals nearly 104 years, since the organization was formed in 1912. Donations and volunteer work are the primary sources used to keep the organization in operations. Until 2012, the Human Society had never received substantial amount of money in donations. Philanthropist Bob Reina made that possible when he donated $1million to the Human Society in the Tampa Bay community. He believes the lives of animals matter and out of compassion support the cause to save dogs and cats.


Bob Reina loves animals and works with other organizations to help stop animal abuse and to provide temporary shelter and vaccinations. He also donates his time and donations to the Hillsborough County Animal Center and SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Mr. Reina′s compassion for animal was displayed when he adopted a dog from the one of the animal shelters. The mission of these organizations is to find loving homes and families to adopt dogs and cats in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. The $1 million donation to Humane Society will definitely help with the adoption process and care for hundreds of animals.


Bob Reina is the owner and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video communication product and service company in Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion offers services and products for video email, video newsletters, and video conferencing to philanthropy organizations, corporations, and businesses in more than 85 countries. The company finally launched the free trial program in April to offer services for 30 days without submitting credit card information. The program is available to charitable organizations, individuals, and companies. Human Society in Tampa Bay and other charitable organizations supported by Mr. Reina use Talk Fusion video communication services and products.


Mr. Reina is recognized and valued in the Tampa Bay community. He has built a respectful reputation in Florida based on his involvement in charitable causes. Talk Fusion also supports an Indonesian charity organization, House of Life Foundation. In Florida, Bob Reina saw the need to help dogs and cats and is doing something about it.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Life Story


Businessmen come in all shapes and forms, from all kinds of backgrounds and have all kinds of stories in their lives to tell. In the world of telecommunications, one of these names is current Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir is originally Iranian but was born in London, England in 1960, with his father working as a high-ranking doctor. For most of his youth he and his family lived in Iran. When he came of age, Kheradpir moved to the United States and enrolled into Cornell University. By the time he had finished college, he had earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees all in the field of electrical engineering.

Upon the completion of his collegiate and graduate studies, Kheradpir took on his first job by working at GTE Laboratories in 1987. While there, he played the role of a network routing manager and engineer while also being the head of the software systems development team. His work with the company was so impressive that he was granted the role of chief information officer (CIO) eventually.

By the year 2000, GTE had formed a merger with Bell Atlantic and Verizon Communications was the new company resulting from this, where Kheradpir remained as the CIO. Kheradpir was also named the president of the company’s new e-business division and was responsible for having multiple teams that would be developing new and innovative technology to market. One very famous example of an accomplishment was the creation of FiOs, or a fiber optic video initiative that would allow access to certain networks and equipment. This development has resulted in FiOs now being a $12 billion entity that still makes it way through the market and has only been improved since its initial creation.

The most recent example of Kheradpir’s success in life involves his venture into Coriant, a telecom company that also deals in optical networking that first came into existence back in 2013. The company was originally part of Marlin Equity Partners but declared itself an independent entity in spring of 2013. As for Kheradpir, he became the CEO and also chairman of the board when he spent much of his time cooperating with vendors that worked closely with the company and displayed his general knowledge of communications and engineering. With him as the CEO, he replaced the former position holder, Pat DiPietro, who now serves as the vice chairman of the company.

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Michael Zomber: A Passionate Historian

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Michael Zomber is a man who executes the meaning behind this quote as he regularly expresses his passion for the preservation of history. His overall theory on how to ensure the retention of knowledge of historical events focuses on the collection, care, and sale of antique arms.

With a heavy focus on Japanese samurai swords, the man has shared his knowledge with the public by appearing on the History channel’s show, Tales of the Gun.  His segments can be seen on YouTube. Combining his two passions of antique arms and storytelling, he finally got his moment in the spotlight to emphasize the importance of preserving history.

Born in Washington DC, his passionate soul was noticeable early in life. Upon completion of college, the enthusiast received his bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology. He progressed and ultimately obtained his master’s degree in English literature. Putting his degrees to good use, the storyteller had written dozens of screenplays and historical novels available through Amazon. Of course, each of his works emphasized his passion for the history of arms and samurai swords.

Of course, the historian did not spend his entire life working and was actually a family man. Married with two children, Zomber certainly revels in all of life’s offerings. Conclusively, however, if one can take any lesson away from this man, it is that every aspect of your life must be the direct result of passion in your heart.  Check out Facebook for updates, or Michael’s personal website to follow his collection.

Children Dying in Hospitals From Lack of Funding

It doesn’t seem like there is such a thing as equal healthcare for all people in Venezuela. A doctor at JM de Los Rios Children’s Hospital has made statements on El-Nacional that the times are dangerous. There isn’t enough drugs for the children in the hospital. The equipment needs to be replaced. Military officials can be seen walking along some of the hallways, which according to expert David Osio has frightened some of the patients and the families who are there. One doctor was fired for trying to stand up for human rights. Due to the dire economy in Venezuela, there are things that are being pushed to the back burner, and one of those is healthcare. Children are dying. There are children and teenagers waiting on drugs that could save their lives, but there is a lack of the items needed because the country doesn’t have the money to get them into the hospitals.


A Glimpse Into Sanjay Shah’s Business and Private Life

The Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio has interviewed the best of the best in the business world. 5th April 2016 was Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah to share his experience, his charity organization and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The interview was hosted by its renowned host Eric Dye and covered several aspects of Shah’s life, businesses and his nonprofit charity organization Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah is the owner of Solo Capital which consists of various investment businesses overseen by one parent Solo Group Holdings. His first enterprise was Solo Capital which is a brokerage firm and was founded in 2009. He used his financial knowledge to advance his business and practiced good governance practices to attract and maintain his clients. He is of the view that before a person can start a business enterprise they should first think it through and prepare their finances accordingly. He further stated that insight and advice provided by others should be considered since they might have an idea that has never occurred to you before.

Before the creation of Autism Rocks campaign he did not specifically take up a course and used to donate randomly. After his son was diagnosed with Autism he decided to channel his energy and resources in helping others fight and understand the symptom. In most cultures it is not understood and confused with other ailments.

Sanjay Shah is a first class business man who until 2009 was a normal accountant in a bank. His fortunes changed when he lost his job due to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. In March 19, 2011 he earned 19 million Euros after successfully predicting the Euro decline. Although his son was diagnosed with Autism he did not hide but came out and founded a foundation that would help other Autism victims. Being a trained doctor he is aware that a cure was just a temporary measure more needed to be done.

His company Solo Capital is a renowned boutique investment firm that has come to be trusted and praised by its numerous clients. The company has offices in London, Dubai, Luxembourg Malta and the Cayman Islands. In order to monitor his other businesses the companies are monitored and controlled by one holding company which is controlled by another company Aesa S.A.R.L.

Escondido is Creating San Diego’s Culinary Frontier

Bellamy’s restaurant reveals Escondido as the new culinary frontier in San Diego county. How did the area outside of Downtown snag Southland’s most elusive foodie loyalists?

The Talent: Patrick Ponsaty

Ponsaty’s culinary take on his homeland of Toulouse is what earned him the prestigious title Meilleurs Ouvrier de France. He mastered his adored and delicate food pairings at El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn as Executive Chef. The reward for drawing a loyal fanbase was running his own kitchen at Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

The Inspiration: El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn

When Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur, was ready to take on the restaurant industry, he knew precisely the team he wanted to work with. Bonar is a long-time fan of PonsatyÕs creations and the team at El Bizcocho. When the doors were shut for renovation and an overhaul was planned to strip El Bizcocho of its French inspiration, Bonar knew it was an unfounded loss for the foodie community.

Instead of seeing a loss, Bonar offered the team a new home where they could truly shine. BellamyÕs is a true foodieÕs home to enjoy the raw talent that has been perfected over time. Trevor Da Costa was brought on to run the Front-of-House and Mike Reidy as Executive Chef.

The Location: Escondido

Brain Bonar is creating a restaurant empire that is only beginning with Bellamy’s. Ponsaty now has the freedom to build what he needs to be the best. The kitchen at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon will be his final home and of his own creation.

The Ranch is an elegant event space situated on the 144-acre estate that is reminiscent of Napa and the South of France. It will truly bring Ponsaty and San Diego back home. In the meantime, Ponsaty is training Reidy to take over when The Ranch and BellamyÕs will be ready to be transitioned.

The Financer: Brian Bonar

A reporter from Whitepages said that Brain Bonar came to the restaurant industry as an executive in the medical field. As Chairman of the Solvis Medical Group, Brian Bonar success was handling and managing the basics and logistics to create the ideal environment for talent to grow – Dalrada reporter said that.

True growth is not only a success for the individual but the community the company wants to be in service to. Bonar has made his new ventures a family business by bringing on Gianina Pickens to run the day-to-day at Bellamy’s.

Contact Information to Visit
The Ranch at Bandy Canyon
16251 Bandy Canyon Rd., Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: +1 (760) 871-6494

Bellamy’s Restaurant
Address: 417 W. Grand Ave., Escondido CA 92025
Phone: +1 (760) 747-5000

Martin Lustgarten the Enigma

Investment banking is one of the fields which is not only challenging but if looked at well is very lucrative. Many organizations and individuals all over the world are in the race to be the best in this field. However very few can say they have reached the intended heights. Many successful investment bankers will tell you of the many hours spent grinding to get customers invest with them. The world out there is a jungle between competing for investment banks. However, in every field, there are those who have mastered the art of massaging customer’s ego to a point that they cannot invest with anybody else but them. One such person is Martin Lustgarten.


Martin Lustgarten currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This is one region that is filled with many investment banks and bankers due to the many investment opportunities presented by this region. To start with there is the Port of Miami which is a dream for such investors.


Martin Lustgarten has worked his way up the investment banking world to reach the highest echelons of the business. As the CEO of Lustgarten, he is tasked with looking for money making opportunities for the organization. His experienced which he has amassed over the years is the primary weapon he uses to convince his potential clients to sign up with him.


It’s very uncommon to find investment bankers with a heart. However, Martin Lustgarten is a man who is a giver. He is usually involved in philanthropic work as a way of giving back to the community. He was the brain behind “My shelter dog rescued me”. The CSR event organized in Florida was aimed at raising funds for shelter dogs. He was I the forefront of sensitizing people to donate for the animals. This event proved a success, and it just shows you how charismatic Martin Lustgarten is as well as being popular. Getting the perfect mix of hard work, charisma and philanthropy is not an easy thing, but Martin Lustgarten has succeeded to do that effortlessly. Find him on Tumblr to see what he’s personally into.

Finding Financial Knowledge You Can Trust

When it comes to understanding the world of finances, there are only so many people that can help you. The reason for this is simply because the financial world is truly just convoluted and filled with people who all want to just make as much money as possible. The problem is, if everyone is attempting to make money off of each other then there is a good case that some people and some rules or regulations can get lost in the shuffle along the way. For that very reason, it is important to work with someone who understands both finances and the law itself.

One such individual who perfectly fits this mold is Sam Tabar. Sam Tabar is not just an attorney in the New York area, but he is also one of the individuals who truly loves and understands the ins and outs of finance. This is not just something nice which serves as a perk, but it should truly be seen as an imperative step these days if you are seeking out financial knowledge.

The key to any individual trying to give you information in the world of finances is a pretty easy one in general. People take time and effort and they study the world financial markets. This much should make sense. However, just because someone studies the world and has an opinion on it, it doesn’t mean that their specific opinion is actually correct. Furthermore, just because their theoretical opinion is correct (which isn’t a guarantee), it still doesn’t mean that their idea is practical or even legal. The key to having the right information is that you need to have someone who is passionate about a given field, but they also need to know the rules and regulations of that field as well. If they do not, then there is a chance you could not only be mislead but you could also do something that could be illegal.

The very reason that people have chosen to work with Sam Tabar over time is simply because his knowledge of both the specifics of finance as well as the legality of the financial world as well. People have not only had tremendous amounts of success following his advice, but they have avoided countless amounts of pitfalls and troubles thanks to his suggestions as well. If you are looking for true assistance in the finance field, a person such as Sam Tabar might be the one to seek out.  He can be contacted through Lawyerist, but it’s worth follow Sam on Twitter to see his expertise in action.