Understanding Arizona-based Jason Hope’s Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has been a believer in the Internet of Things. For years, Jason has been a great pundit on the latest technological trends. According to Jason, the Internet of Things is the biggest wave of advancement that has hit the technology sector. The Internet of Things is a connected technology that allows several devices to synchronize with each other.

These devices include those used in daily life such as; street lights, kitchen appliances, electronic devices, and cars, and connecting them will increase their efficiency. The futurist believes that we are already living in the future as the Internet of Things is already here. This technology allows these devices to connect using the same network and share data increasing the efficiency as well as reducing waste.

The famous futurist believes that this technology has the potential to completely change the way enterprises operate and can be the single largest technological advancement in the future of tech industry. Soon world greatest firms will adopt the Internet of Things putting pressure on other companies to assimilate it so as to keep up with their pace.

Investment in Anti-Aging

The mobile technology entrepreneur donated $500,000 to SENs Foundation. The donation was purposed to support SENs in research on rejuvenation biotechnologies with a mission to fight age-related diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. According to Hope, biotechnology advances is important for the future, and he wishes to help the foundation yield results faster for all humans.

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About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He is famously known for his passion for technology and charity work. Hope grew up in Tempe and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and later earned his master’s from the Arizona State University. He is well endowed with skills in business strategy, business development, and start-ups. Currently, he is an entrepreneur in the Mobile Technology industry.

The Lung Institute Makes Life Easier For Lung Patients

A lot of research on stem cells has been going on for the past years. The enthusiasm is fueled by the need for better treatments. Stem cells have proven to be beneficial in treating several diseases such as lung-related ailments. One would wonder why stem cells receive all the attention. Stem cells are the master cells, or rather the basis of each single tissue in the body. Talk of: the brain, bones, blood, and any other organ one could think of.

What are stem cells?

There are many kinds of stem cells, and all have various functions. For instance, the embryonic stem cells which occur during the first stages of development only. Another type is the tissue-specific stem cells, which appear during fetal stages and tend to stick on during adulthood. Stem cells are unique in that they self-renew and develop into more specialized ones. Besides these two exceptional abilities, they can vary widely regarding their functions in the human body. This is why researchers will always use various types of stem cells in their research.

How are stem cells used to treat lung diseases?

According to lifestylesafter50.com, stem cells can repair, restore, regenerate and replace cells, which can be used to treat various diseases such as lung complications. A commonly performed stem cells treatment is bone marrow transplant, which has proved to be effective. Research on their effectiveness on lung ailments is ongoing, but so far there are already designed programs that have proven efficient.

The lung Institute

Lung complications such as COPD lower the quality of life. The Lung Institute understands this, and they have taken it upon themselves to develop treatment programs that can help individuals suffering from lung ailments. The Lung Institute is a leading center for treatment of lung diseases using stem cells. Its clinics are in Nashville, Dallas, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Scottsdale.

When receiving treatment at The Lung Institute, you are assured of not only good health but also an enjoyable time. The center understands that everybody has something they like doing; thus they will keep you engaged throughout the session. They have a garden and a golf course that the patients can access at will. What more could a patient ask for? To read more stories related to stem cell treatment, visit hawaiinewsnow.com.

The Lung Institute on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LungInstitute/

Industry should ‘bake off’ and give us cake instead of lawsuits

I recently applied to be a pen pal with a woman in prison through a program at my church. In researching the subject, a press release came up regarding a lawsuit over technology. This peaked my interest because the technology was for prison communications.

Googling it, I learned that the US Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that over 2 million adults were incarcerated in US Federal, state prisons and county jails. Meaning, that out of every 110 of your friends and neighbors, one of them is likely in prison right now. Learning about this process for the first time, I wondered, how do all these people communicate with the world? Talk to their loved ones? Enter Securus. www.SecurusTechnologies.com The Press release was titled “Securus Challenges Global Tel Link (GTL) to Technology Bake Off” with an independent judge deciding between Securus and GTL.


From offices in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves over 2,600 law enforcement agencies. A leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, Securus links over 1,000,000 inmates across North America.

When they announced the challenge to its main competitor, GTL, to find who has the most complete product set, capital and expense-efficient platform, as well as, the best customer service and related metrics, they were offering the opportunity to showcase and exchange ideas to benefit all concerned. Which is after all, all of us.


Richard A. Smith, CEO at Securus explained that with an independent judge to evaluate the two products would not be a fair comparison to GTL due to Securus’ much larger investment in product and services.


The Healing Powers of Shea Butter


It is very common during the winter months to experience dry and itchy skin. Our skin loses 25% more moisture in the winter than it does any other time of the year. The cold temperatures mixed with the warm air heating our homes causes the water in our skin to evaporate at a faster rate. There are many remedies that can be used to help our skin. Shea butter is an all-natural product that has an amazing effect on the skin.


Shea butter comes from a nut of a tree that is found in West Africa. Shea butter is excellent for hydrating the skin and helping to heal it. Being a product that is found in nature, it is best to use in a raw or unrefined state. It will be free of chemicals and will work to improve the skin with every use.


Shea butter has been given the nickname “women’s gold.” This is because there are many young African women who are employed to produce the shea butter. The shea tree is crucial to this area in many ways, and it is illegal to destroy these trees.


The process to get the shea butter from the nut is not a complicated one. The nuts are cracked and ground until the butter is released. The butter is then placed into boiling water until the butter floats up to the top of the container. This product is then taken out and is then left to set.


There are many companies who believe in the power of shea butter and are using the butter in their own products. One of those companies is EugeniaShea.com. This is a mother-daughter duo who offer three products to their customers. One is for everyday use, one is for use during pregnancy, and the third is for dermatological use. The products are all natural.


Shea butter is a wonderful, natural product that does wonders for the skin. With regular use, the skin and its appearance will improve and be better off.

Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights supporter and film maker. Depicted by the New York Times as “a champion of the powerless and underdog, he started pushing for human rights as a teenager in 1989 in London by coordinating for opposition to South African politically-sanctioned racial segregation. Halvorssen’s experience is Norwegian and Venezuelan. He got to be distinctly included full-time in the advancement of due process and individual rights after his dad became a political detainee in Venezuela. More so, he established the New York-based Human Rights Foundation after his mom was shot amid a political protest in 2004. HRF is given to freeing political detainees and to promoting democracy and tolerance in Latin America. Since its establishing, HRF has secured the freedom of seven conscience detainees, offered Truth Commissions with evidence, provided amicus briefs in key international human rights cases, and additionally published two books on state responsibilities and human rights.

Mr. Halvorssen is the CEO and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly worldwide social affair. He was born in Venezuelan in 1976 and he is a history and political science graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he was also offered the award for securing student speech. Mr. Halvorssen is the CEO and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum a yearly world gathering and also heads FIRE (Foundation of Individual Rights in Education) a U.S. freedoms association. The organizer and CEO for human rights establishment, a universal group created in 2004 that was to champion the meaning of Human Rights. He established the group subsequent to stepping down as the leader for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Thor Halvorssen is an all around prestigious Human rights advocate with his primary commitment focus being in supporting the public rights and interests, pushing for privileges of people and advocating for common freedoms.

Furthermore, Mr. Halvorssen has additionally been alluded as the Children’s Peace Movement supporter, a team situated in C-Czech republic that encourages relations amongst kids and young people in Poland, Canada, Norway and Slovakia. His affection for human rights freedom is great and in 2001 he stated that freedom of speech, opinion and expression is free and indispensable and has the deepest sense to a growing society.

The Exemplative Career of Lori Senecal and CP+B

Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of a well-known advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). Lori was appointed to the newly created position due to her exemplary career and experience in 2015, http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/lori-senecal-named-president-ceo-mdc-partner-network-159416. As the Global CEO, Lori Senecal is responsible for the firm’s expansion and growth objectives. She additionally oversees the coordination of the development and operations of the enterprise in its eight international offices. Lori Senecal is an industry-focused leader with a lot of respect for the stakeholders. Lori is also a management specialist. Lori was a pioneer in the utilization of the invention, technology, and innovation of different products on the global level.

In an interview with Laura Dunn of Huffington Post, Senecal revealed that being the youngest of four siblings had a lasting impact on her development and shaped her leadership style today. Senecal’s appointment to the position compliments the firm’s mission on providing its clientele with innovative services and products. Recently, CP+B won and was awarded the Infiniti Global Creative Account. Since joining CP+B, Lori Senecal has been of exceptional significance on the firm’s culture and business. She has managed to transform the agency into a modern global company, which embraces collaboration, creativity, and dynamism. Presently, the firm features many international clients coupled with an excellent local market flare. Her focus on talent and leadership has been an integral part of the agency’s development and growth across the various geographies and disciplines. Due to her critical contributions to the organization, Age identified CP+B as among the Creativity Innovators of the Year.

In 2016, Lori Senecal was named among the Agency Executives to Watch in that year. Formerly, Lori Senecal has served as the President and CEO of the MDC Partner Network. At the organization, she was responsible for the collaborations with the partner agencies for MDC to spur cross-collaboration and growth around the network. Before moving to MDC Partner Network, Lori Senecal served as the chief executive officer and global chairperson of kbs+. Under her stewardship, the firm grew from being a local agency with only 250 stakeholders to being a global company with more than 900 stakeholders. View her full profile on crunchbase.com.


What Changes the Price of Wine?

There is a variety of factors that come into play when you are dealing with the prices of different bottles of wine. UK vintners buy and sell wine, so they know what changes the value of a bottle more than anyone else. Here are a few examples of things that can make the bottle of wine you are buying cost more or less.

Actual Cost of the Product

In any company, you have an overhead cost that reflects the amount of money it costs to produce an item. Two bottles of wine can cost drastically different because the ingredients that went into it cost different.

If you are using a cheap grape in one wine while only using the choicest grapes from a field famous for its productivity, chances are the bottle’s price will reflect that. There are also different materials that can be used in production that will add to the cost. For instance, a wine can get more flavor from a wooden cask instead of a stainless steel one.

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Brand Names and Perceived Value

Some expensive English wines are that way only because they can be. If consumers will pay that, then it would be a stupid business decision to bring down the price. Most of these wines are more of a luxury item and are almost a novelty. UK vintners have a lot of knowledge about what kind of grapes were used in bottle, what field the grapes came out of, and when they were harvested. This might help you make your decision if you are familiar with what your specific taste is.


All the UK vintners will be sad to hear that the majority of wine that is consumed in Britain is imported. English wine production went up and the people of the British Isles are drinking it up. Since there was such a decline in production in England, most of the grape varieties that they had were lost, but a few have thrived and continue to be used.

The history of the grape in the UK and the wine that it helped to make is an interesting and complex story The simple differences between one bottle of wine and another can make the difference of thousands of dollars.

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Moisturize Your Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

You have to take care of your lips with superior coverage because they are the only set that you will ever get. Do you want to avoid uncomfortable cosmetic surgery and treatments? EOS lip balm products provide a superior coverage that lasts throughout the day. Thousands of women around the world choose EOS lip balm products because they’re hypoallergenic, organic, and leave your lips feeling silky smooth. In fact, their products are packaged in an unique packaging that will allow their products to be easy to identify from other lip balm products on the market.

Why Women Are Choosing EOS Products?

EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth are widely known for their organic ingredients that include jojoba oil and shea butter. Their lip balm products have all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to repair the skin. Best of all, they are reasonably priced to meet the demands of most budgets. Surprisingly, superior lip balm protection doesn’t have to cost a fortune with EOS lip balm products. They guarantee to leave your lips feeling ultra smooth with many delectable flavors to choose from. Most women also crave the fragrance to heighten their senses.

Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balm Flavors

– Mint kisser

– Strawberry

– Acai

– Purple Sorbet

– Wildberry

– Lemon Drop

– Almond Milk

and much more…

Discover a cost effective way to take care of your lips with the benefits of Evolution of Smooth. They provide great all day coverage that leave your lips feeling ultra soft every time. They protect your lips from the arctic winter blast and the UV rays of the summer. Show your lips how much you care with Evolution of Smooth. Visit their exclusive website (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) or Amazon.com today for more EOS lip balm products and details. Also visit the official EOS Facebook page.


Securus Technologies Holiday Gift of Christmas Video Visits

Technology innovations have become highly advanced in the previous decade. It has made communication much easier. Today, people can communicate in different ways and with a variety of devices. The latest technology has made communication perfect between people that are both close and far. Technology advancements has made communication a much more personal experience. Such advancements in technology has been more pronounced in correction facilities.


A few years ago, a regular communication to people in correction facilities was primarily via a landline phone. Currently, many correction facilities no longer use such landlines. Securus Technologies has created a change by introducing mobile services and video visitation services. I find that the change in communication has been mainly due to developments by the innovative company.


Securus Technologies believes in public safety and making the world a better place. The firm has achieved this through creation of technologies such as the Christmas visitation visits. The nature of services has seen its market growth increase. The government has contracted the company to work in their facility. The video visitation program is highly beneficial to correctional facilities. It eases visitation congestion for people in correction facilities.


Securus Technologies is a company that deals with millions of prisoners every year. The company’s primary goal is safety for everyone. It is known all over the country for what they can do. The company continues to create innovative ways to promote safety on a weekly basis. Dedicated employees have gone on a mission to find technology developments.

I believe that the Christmas video visitation visits as highly beneficial to inmates. Inmates in correction facilities across the country will use the communication network to communicate with friends and family. The technology developed by Securus creates the best link between friends and relatives at home. Once the link is established, inmates communicate with their loved ones in real time. The inmates can see everything that is going on at home. The visitation program ensures that inmates are not left out during the festive season.


The video visitation program is creative because people do not want to visit prisons during Christmas. Instead, people want to spend time at home with their families. The video visitation program is critical for families that want to share a moment with their locked members. Securus has connected more than one million inmates. Parents in correction facilities have children at home. Even though they are locked up, they may want to communicate with them. Securus Technologies has made all these possible.



Stem Cell Research Brings Breath of Relief From Sufferers of Lung Disease

Recent advancements in stem cell research will allow doctors to lessen the struggle of those living with COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or pulmonary fibrosis. These diseases at one time signified a battle that often left those with the disease very few opportunities to regain their previous lifestyle.

Though with breakthroughs in stem cells treatments specifically targeting lung diseases, patients are able to take back their life with a brighter prognosis for their future.

The Lung Institute YouTube channel explained by utilizing autologous stem cells, those being derived from the patient’s blood or bone marrow, and the phenomena known as pulmonary trapping, doctors are able to pass stem cell enriched blood over damaged lung tissue.

Stem cells by nature are undifferentiated cells with the ability to become specialized cells such as new lung tissue.

So by introducing the concentrated dosage of stem cells into the pulmonary trap, the undifferentiated stem cell can stimulate and aid in the healing of damaged tissues as it promotes healthy cellular regeneration.

Leading the regenerative medicine community in successful treatments, The Lung Institute provide patients with access to autologous stem cell treatments in one of their five facilities located across the country.

The website lifestylesafter50.com reveals that the Lung Institute has a proven track record of successful treatments with former patients regaining the lives they had before walkers and oxygen tanks became part of their routine. Their expert physicians understand every patient’s case is unique and needs an equally individualized treatment to be as successful as possible.

To learn more about the Lung Institute’s history of changed lives and successful treatments visit www.LungInstitute.com.

If you have chronic lung disease and are interested in what other patients have to say about the process look no further than the testimonial page on The Lung Institute’s website.

Read more: https://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Patients/Programs-and-Services/Lung-Institute/