Respected for His Work in Real Estate and Fashion, Chris Burch Is Now Doing Big Things In the Realm of Hospitality:

Chris Burch is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs in the world today. He is well known in the business world as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of venture capital management firm Burch Creative Capital and co-founder of fashion firm Tory Burch LLC. Chris Burch hails originally from Wayne, Pennsylvania and attended college at New York state’s Ithaca College. During his college career, Chris Burch and his brother started a company called Eagles Eye Apparel. The pair were able to grow this business into a highly successful operation that eventually sold for $165 million. Chris’s highly successful career as an entrepreneur has seen him find success in numerous different industries including real estate and fashion.

One of Chris Burch’s recent success stories is the development of a fabulous resort called Nihiwatu Resort located on a small Indonesian island.

The Nihiwatu project is a hospitality industry project that Chris Buch is developing with his business partner James McBride. The project started when the two partners bought a hostel on Sumba, an island of Indonesia. A $30 million investment was put into the island as it was developed into an incredible 5-Star hotel that was voted as the worlds best in 2016 by prestigious publication Travel + Leisure. More than being just a mere hotel, Nihiwatu Resort offers its clients an overall experience that includes access to amazing hiking trails, surfing and some of the best fishing that can be found anywhere in the world. Chris Burch has also placed a large amount of the focus of Nihiwatu on empowering the areas local communities as well as preserving the regions distinct culture.  Check for a related article.

Chris Burch originally found out about this unique island when he was visiting Bali and he quickly fell in love with it. Soon, he was recruiting his friend, well-regarded hospitality industry magnet James McBride, to help him do something amazing. The Nihiwatu Resort now serves as the largest employers on the island of Sumba and Chris Burch has started the Sumba Foundation. All profits generated by the resort go into the foundation and are put toward the fight to improve education and provide clean water. The elimination of malaria is a key focus of the foundation. This work is well in line with Chris’s reputation for philanthropy and serves as a way for him to give back to a place that he has truly fallen in love with.

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Jeremy Goldstein Wants New Yorkers To Know About This Legal Service That Helps Find Them The Right Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein knows that people have a hard time finding the right lawyer, and he is working to spread awareness about the fact that New York residents can now conveniently search online for one.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) was launched by the New York State Bar Association and is an online portal where people can search for lawyers who are local to them at all hours of the day or night. They can also use their telephone to access the service, and people are enjoying this simple way to find a lawyer who is in good legal standing. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

By partnering with, the New York Bar Association has been happy to get the word out to the public about this cutting edge online service. This is also good news for lawyers who will be able to serve larger numbers of people who are looking for their services. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

By filling out a confidential questionnaire related to the legal issue they are seeking and their location, they will be referred to the best lawyers in their area. While there is a small fee for the original 30 minute consultation, people are not obligated to continue with the lawyer afterwards.

This will give people in New York a better chance to find the right lawyer without feeling hard-pressed to accept one they are unsure about.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC,., which is a botique law firm that focuses its efforts on offering advice to management teams, Chief Executive Officers, compensation committees, and corporate executives related to compensation of executives and governance matters related to corporations.

Before he founded his own law firm, he was working as a partner for an important law firm in New York. He has been a part of some of the most well-known corporate transactions that have taken place over the last ten years, and one of these was the purchasing of Goodrich by United Technologies.

Jeremy received his undergraduate education at Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinction in all subjects.

He also finished up his Master of Arts Degree at the University of Chicago and then went on to earn his J.D. while studying at New York University Law School.

His work with charitable organizations includes him being a member of the Board of Directors at Fountain House, which is a charity that focuses on helping women and men to recover from mental illness.

NetPicks Is Passionate About Trader Education:

The trading of currency pairs via Forex (FX) markets offers investors significant liquidity in their investments. The FX market does differ from the traditional stock market in that the options are limited. Commonly traded pairs on the FX market range from U.S. dollar vs Japanese yen and U.K. pound vs the U.S. dollar. Forex traders usually stick to the major currencies because trades of less substantial pairs usually offer more risk than reward. The bottom line is that traders like investing in the FX market not because of the number of options but due to the high liquidity.

NetPicks is a leading advisor in assisting traders to make smart choices in their FX market investments. The company excels at helping traders to understand what the underlying risk factors of specific currency pairs are before they make a trade. Traders buy pairs based on the belief that whichever currency stands as the base will become the stronger currency in comparison to the currency that stands as the quote. The selling of pairs works on the exact opposite principle as the principle used to make the decision to trade.

The biggest piece of advice that NetPicks offers to those wanting to get into the FX market is that they need to educate themselves before jumping into the pool of traders. It is essential that traders have an understanding of the numerous elements that are involved in making a sound evaluation of a currency pair. NetPicks further emphasizes that traders should only involve themselves in FX trades if they are able to remove any and all emotion from the process. As with any trading, NetPicks advises against trading with any money that a trader actually needs for other things in their lives and to start small.

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NetPicks began operation back in 1996 during the dawn of the online trading movement. In its twenty-plus years of operation, NetPicks has become an industry leader in giving traders the education that they need to be successful in financial markets. The company offers expert advice in areas ranging from traditional stock market to FX and Futures. The mission at NetPicks is to help average, everyday traders achieve great things. Read this interesting interview on

NetPicks has its headquarters in the Texas city of Irving. The company employs an extensive staff who all have real-life trading experience and a passion for helping their clients achieve their goals in the financial market.

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What Are the 3 B’s of Wes Edens’ Success?

Wes Edens knows what he is doing. He finds great assets and makes a lot of money from them. What are the 3 B’s of Wes Edens’ success?

1. Bratwursts, Beer & Cheese

Burgers, beer, bratwurst and cheese provide sustenance to the Wisconsin citizens. If you don’t know how to grill, then hire someone from the “Dairy State.” Burgers, beer and bratwursts are the 1st “B” of Mr. Edens’ success.Bratwursts come in all shapes and sizes. They can be stuffed with a variety of meats. German, Polish and Italian sausages give your guests a filling meal.Wisconsin might be the “Land of 10,000 Cheeses.” The “Dairy State” has produced milk, dairy products, cheese curds and Cheeseheads. Bratwurst, beer and burgers have enabled Wes Edens to invest in the 2nd “B” key to success: Bucks.

2. Bucks of Milwaukee

 The Milwaukee Bucks were a good buy in a rising league: the NBA. The fans are ready for a run in a weak Eastern Conference. Wes Edens has invested in a $500 million arena development scheduled to open in the fall.Now, the Bucks are in the NBA Playoffs. They are making a splash. The 3rd “B” is the payoff: Billions.

 3. Billions of Dollars

Billionaire Edens has continually found the diamonds in the rough. He keeps reinvesting his money into assets with rising value.He started by finding undervalued assets at the Fortress Investment Group. This was the first hedge fund to go public in 2007. The firm was very successful investing in casinos, railways and senior living companies.Then, Mr. Edens added the Bucks and FlyQuest to his list of companies. He is kind of a “turnaround” artist leading the Bucks to the NBA Playoffs. He takes under-performing assets and gives them the tools to prosper. Bratwursts, Bucks and Billions are the 3 x “B”s of Mr. Edens’ success. He does not try to accomplish the impossible. He knows, who he is.

Fortress Investment Group CEO: Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment group, a global investment management company, in 1998. The company currently has roughly 953 asset management employees; as well as, 216 investment professionals that are stationed in New York City and at other offices around the world. In addition, Fortress has $43.6 billion assets under management.Randal Nardone has served on the management committee since the company was established in 1998. In 2006, Nardone became a principal and a member of the Board of Directors. Additionally, from 2011 until 2013, he served as interim Chief Executive Officer and was given the official Chief Executive Officer role in 2013.

As the CEO, he is the highest-ranking person in the company and among many other responsibilities, aids in making managerial decisions.Randal Nardone earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Connecticut and his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Boston University. Before Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress, he held a number of positions to give him the experience he’d need to be successful. After graduating with his Doctor Jurisprudence, Nardone became a partner and executive committee member at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. After his time at the lar firm, he took a position as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management. After which, from 1997 until 1998, when he co-founded Fortress, Randal Nardone worked at UBS as a managing director.

In December of 2017, SoftBank Group Corp. completed its acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Closing this deal means that SoftBank Group owns all outstanding Fortress shares. As it stands Fortress will continue its operations, with headquarters in New York City, within SoftBank as an independent business; thus, allowing the Fortress Principals, Pete Briger, Wes Edens, and Randy Nardone to continue in their various leadership roles. Some might worry about what this acquisition means for Fortress; however, SoftBank has clearly identified that they wish to keep Fortress’ current leadership, as well as their business model, and the processes they follow to ensure continued success.

Chris Burch Has Made A Paradise On Earth With Nihiwatu

Christ Burch brought luxury to a new level after he purchased a surfers resort in Indonesia and spent $30 million on renovations ( Nihiwatu resort is off the beaten path, rustic, enchanting and luxurious. The island is a combination of private spaces, breathtaking scenery, soft white sand and unique settings. The resort was created to enhance the natural splendor of the island. Nihiwatu is infused with a vibrant energy. The Sumbanese religion believes the Marapu spirit protects the island.

The resort started in 1988 as a small hotel catering to surfers. It was created by Petra and Claude Graves. In 2012 the couple decided they needed assistance to expand the little resort. This was when Chris Burch and his partner James McBride entered the picture. The resorted reopened in 2015 once the renovations were completed. Nearly every employee of the resort is a local. Burch wanted to give back to the community. He succeeded by establishing a partnership with the Sumba Foundation. The contributions of the guests provide the communities on the island with humanitarian aid while preserving the delicate culture.

The private villas provide the guests with plunge pools. The island’s natural energy is reflected in every room. Three rooms are actually treehouses and the views are dazzling. A private butler is included with every room. The dining experience is a work of art. The organic gardens at the resort provide a lot of the produce. The seafood is caught fresh daily and is cooked differently every evening. The rooms have mini bars stocked each day with spirits, beer and chocolates handmade at the chocolate factory at the resort.

Visitors can schedule an excursion to the local villages. Nihiwatu does not separate their guests from the environment. They provide the opportunity to become infused with their surroundings instead. The resort offers a beach spa and therapeutic treatments right in the rooms. Many guests revel in the NihiOka spa safari. The guests drive or walk to a Sumbanese village, look at the local crafts and talk with the locals. They are served a private and delightful breakfast right next to the shimmering ocean. They are then taken to a private room on the cliff. They swim in the ocean prior to being pampered with numerous treatments. They are taken back to the resort when the sun sets after an exceptional experience. Even the suffers still visit for the breaking waves or to just hang out.

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Hussain Sajwani Excels in Leadership Roles

Over the past few years, emerging entrepreneurs have asked questions about how to succeed in business. Moreover, authors and investors in different industries have published books regarding how to succeed in business. While so much has been said and documented on entrepreneurship, little has been highlighted regarding the actual driving force of a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we shall highlight the significant traits of a successful entrepreneur and business professional with the primary focus on Hussain Sajwani.


Background Information


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani grew up under the care of dedicated and loving parents who gave him the best childhood memories. Working alongside his father who owned a retail outlet that distributed significant personal use items for men, Hussain Sajwani understood the need for relying on business ethics while dealing with clients. Even so, his father encountered multiple challenges while dealing with shipments from China. However, he pursued all solutions to his problems because he needed to set a good example for his son. Well, he managed to achieve that as over the years Hussain Sajwani adopted the excellent leadership skills in business.


Joining the World of Business


While his father wanted him to pursue the family business and inherit it in the long run, Sajwani had other plans to pursue formal education and probably a white-collar job eventually. As such, he joined a medical training school in Baghdad. He focused on finishing his coursework. However, as life would later present its challenges, Sajwani decided to quit and move to the United States of America. From that moment, his life took a turn as he joined the list of students who landed a full education scholarship. Arriving in America to pursue economics from the Washington University, Sajwani managed to pass honorably and delve into the career industry. Sooner than later, he landed an employment opportunity at GASCO, a leading oil and gas company situated in Abu Dhabi.


DAMAC owner


The DAMAC owner worked for a few months before deciding to delve into a sole proprietorship where he leveraged catering services. As he recalls in his narrations during most interviews, the food catering services were leveraged to billions of clients across Dubai. That way, the DAMAC owner garnered sufficient resources to start a real estate property development company.


The Outline


The DAMAC owner is the current chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties, a company that provides luxury property to Dubai’s larger real estate market. He has partnered with billionaires and likeminded individuals to provide high-quality real estate to clients.


Life Lessons


From his early life and career, it is evident that Sajwani is persistent given that he hailed from a modest background where he was required to put in hours of work to learn business management. Perhaps he can also be described as a resilient business professional as he has carefully structured his career path and outlined his interests in the order he best preferred and found urgent.


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Meet The Man Behind Most Of The Prestigious Architectural Designs In Dubai

In the heart of the United Arabs Emirates, specifically in Dubai lies one of the shakers and movers of development in the country, a real estate titan, a billionaire, a developer and most importantly a philanthropist by name Hussein Sajwani. Having been having his own history in his recession moments, the DAMAC owner knows what it means to give back to his society thus becoming one of the iconic inspiration figures in the desert kingdom.

Being very much determined in his humble begins, Hussein Sajwani focused on becoming not only a millionaire but a billionaire. The developer started his successful journey by having a food business which was supplying foodstuffs to the United States army and Bechtel which is one of the construction giants. He later ventured into real estate after Dubai allowed foreigners to have their say in the country through owning properties. This was back in 2001. The billionaire sold some residential buildings and units for around 6 months and in 2002, he started his own real estate company called DAMAC Properties and became an established DAMAC owner and founder.

DAMAC Properties consists of very experienced leadership and the entire management team of directors on matters of real estate industry and construction generally. Through the leadership of its chairman, and CEO Hussain Sajwani, the Group has become one of the widely recognized as the leaders in luxurious architectural designs. It has worked with various international brands like Bugatti, Versace, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, and Fendi among others. The DAMAC owner has expanded their classy works beyond Dubai to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Kingdom, Oman, Jordan and Lebanon to mention but a few.

In their continuity to build strong relationships with various existing and also potential investors, Hussein Sajwani has his hand in real estate business with Donald Trump. The two titans in real estate collaborated in 2013 and came up with one the most luxurious golf courses in Dubai. The DAMAC owner has a solid business relationship with not only Trump but also his 3 children who are very protective of their brand, Trump Organization.

In additional to his architectural expertise, the DAMAC owner, Hussein Sajwani, is a philanthropist supporting various charities like AED, the poor, foundations and offering free Lamborghinis to various apartment buyers.

AvaTrade Review: The Top Reasons for Its Popularity among Traders

AvaTrade was set up in 2006 but had a different name. It was called AvaFx then but later the company was rebranded after it started to allow multi-asset trading facilities to its users. Today, it offers a wide range of services to its users and has offices in more than 11 countries but offers its services to users from 150 countries. The company has its head office based out of Ireland and is regulated by the financial head of the countries where it operates. The company has been expanding its services and is expected to allow users from the USA to trade very soon.


AvaTrade is known for its diversified and automated trading package that it offers to its users. The platform offers a simple pricing policy that allows the users to save money when they trade with the company. The platform is user-friendly, and even those with little technical knowledge can start using it as soon as they subscribe to it. The platform can be customized depending on the need of the user and also offers live feeds and live-analysis into the financial market for its users so that they can make quick and profitable trades. AvaTrade also has a lot of deposit requirement that makes it perfect for beginners as well. The minimum deposit necessary is just $100, and the platform offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options for the convenience of the users. The users are free to use their debit or credit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, NeTeller, net banking and others for depositing or withdrawing their money.


AvaTrade also ensures that its users do not face any problem when trading on their platform. It aims to offer a seamless experience without any issue. It is the reason why their customer service is quite prompt and is available to the users at all times during the trading period. It also offers supports in 12 different languages so that the users can have their questions and queries answered within minutes. All problems are resolved promptly. The company ensures that its platform is completely safe and it uses the top security enhancement available in the market to keep the information of its users secured.

Fortress Investment Group Leads in Finance

Fortress Investment Group has been making headlines in most platforms in the recent times. The American based company has been pleasing its customers from different parts of the globe by offering them excellent services. Fortress Investment Group has only been operating for a period of ten years, and its customers are contented about the services they are getting.The company was brought into the American market when everyone was looking for an alternative investment company they could trust. After the financial crisis, most of the financial institutions in the market were closed down because they could not afford enough funds to run them. Fortress Investment was not scared of the situation that was taking place in the market. The institution was already prepared for any challenge that was going to come its way.  The founders of the finance company have played a very paramount role in the success it has been getting from day one. Led by Wes Edens, these professionals were already aware of the kind of services the consumers lacked.

These experts had dealt with bigger problems in the past, and they were equipped with all the skills that the company would need to maneuver the tight markets. One decade later, Wes Edens and his capable team have all the reasons to smile. The professionals have been able to raise a successful company despite the many hardships that have hit the market over the years. Wes Edens and the other company leaders consult whenever they are faced by a challenge, and they end up making the best decision that makes things better for the finance company. The company has only been expanding because of its capable leadership. Apart from having very capable company founders, the Fortress Investment Group always takes time to vet its employees. This has been one of the most effective strategies used in the company since it was started many years ago.

These leaders always understand that the company employees will determine the direction will take, and this is why they have decided that they will be employing individuals who are experts in all the fields.These professionals are also trained by experts before they could start working in the large company. According to the company website, working with Fortress Investment Group comes with so many benefits. First of all, all the people in the company get very good wages at the end of the month. There are several other benefits for the company employees, and this makes them very happy people when they are accomplishing their tasks. Fortress Investment Group has also been taking part in various community initiatives in the past. The company management knows that it has a special role to play in the communities that live close to them, and this is why it has sponsored several causes in the American society. These noble deeds have made the company very popular and respected among people from all parts of the country. Despite the tough financial times, the company has only been getting profits.