Jeremy Goldstein: Other Options for Corporations

For years, stock options have been every big corporation’s go-to compensation method. Recently, many of those corporations stopped offering stock options for various reasons. The first and easiest reason to understand is money. It’s cost a lot more to give every employee stock options.

For most companies, their reasons are a bit more complex, but the reasons are still understandable. Obviously, when it comes to the reliability of stocks it’s completely dependent on that particular day. One day, everything could be positive; and the next day, everything’s worthless. Even if things hit the fan, everything has to be reported and stockholders face option overhang.

With all the potential downsides of stock options, employees don’t trust them like they used to. Before, the markets weren’t so flooded with schemes and blatant corruption. These days, a lot of employees look at stocks options like casino tokens. They’d rather have cash they can keep track of by themselves.

Another big reason corporations are dropping stock options is so that they don’t have to deal with all the paperwork. Stock options bring huge burdens for the accountant. When all is said and done, it might cost more to offer stock options than to just offer higher salaries.

Even though it seems logical to get rid of stock options, Jeremy Goldstein thinks that corporations should give stock options another chance. There are plenty of reasons that stock options worked for so long. Unlike other options, stocks bring a level of equality to all employees.

The greatest advantage that stock options hold over all other options is that it’s heavily based on the company’s success. When the company’s doing well, the stocks are worth more. This gives employees a personal reason to prioritize the company’s success. People might work harder if they own personal earnings are dependent on the company’s success.

One question people might be asking: who is Jeremy Goldstein to be advising others. Well, Jeremy Goldstein is one of the top executive compensation and corporate governance attorneys in the nation. He works at this own boutique law firm and advises compensation committees, CEOs, and management teams on a daily basis.

When he’s not working in the office, he’s visiting corporations or speaking at conferences all across America. He’s been listed as a leading lawyer by several legal publications, including The Legal 500. He’s also written numerous essays about executive compensation. Learn more:

Service to the Nation and the World

He is Dean at University of California-School of Law. Sujit Choudhry is professional of comparative constitutional law and politics. Before his present position, Sujit was at New York University-School of Law and University of Toronto as Scholl Chair. Sujit does not just work at the university.

Due to his international recognition, he gets other audiences. So far, Sujit has spoken to more than twelve countries (   Sujit is a knowledgeable person who combines research findings and in-depth field experience. He has gathered a lot as an expert in constitutional building process. Among the nations he has participated are Tunisia, Ukraine, Nepal, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and South Africa among others.

Sujit became the expert and specialist he is today by attaining law degrees from various nations. His law degrees are from Harvard, Toronto and Oxford. Sujit was also a Rhodes Scholar and once served as law clerk at Supreme Court of Canada (

For over twenty years, Sujit Choudhry has been a constitutional advisor in many areas ( Among them are ceasefires and certain types of political instability. He is good at initiating public dialogue with the necessary stakeholders, heading consultations, training and advisory with details using a team of technical experts. These are some of the responsibilities Sujit does and much more.

Besides lecturing and diplomacy in constitutional affairs, Sujit Choudhry is the director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He founded this organization because he wanted to help nations in their matters of the constitution. Some are transitioning from other forms of rule to democracy. Such a situation could use help and advice from the center.

The Center for Constitutional Transition does not work alone. It has formed a network of international experts. This network is important in creating evidence-based policy options for research and decision making. The center also partners with other entities such as think tanks, NGOs and multi-lateral organization.

When Choudhry is not lecturing or working at the center, he is an author. Sujit has written more than ninety articles, chapters in various books, reports and other papers. He is glad to make this contribution because it is useful material to interested parties. He would like to share his knowledge with the world.

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A Dedicated Man: Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a man who has quite a few natural gifts. He has a gift for learning about and helping treat diseases like prostate, kidney as well as bladder cancer. These are called as a group urological diseases. The other gift is being able to get the word out about diseases like this and helping in celebrity cases of the diseases. Here is a short history of the life of Dr. David Samadi.

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran. He lived there until he was fifteen years old and moved out of the country after the 1979 revolution. He then moved to Belgium and then England to continue his education. He and his brother finally moved to the small town of Roslyn, New York so he could finish his high school education. After he finished high school he went to Stony Brook University on a full scholarship and earned his M.D from the college in 1994.

Later on in his life, he appeared on Fox News as a medical analyst. The interview went well and soon he was given his own show on the network. The show was called Hose Calls and he talked about various issues regarding prostate cancer among other diseases. The show ran on the Fox network for five years and he still does weekly interviews on the network regarding men’s urological health.

One of the things that he helped create while currently working as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital with a new technology called the Da Vinci robot. This particular kind of robot allows Dr. Samadi to treat the affected area of a patient without the need for a big incision and a long recovery time. A robot like the smart robot can have a patient back to an active life within hours instead of days at a time. It can usually take less than twenty-four hours to help heal the patient. He says the robots are more precise and can cause less scarring to the body. A machine like this will be able to revolutionize the process for urological surgeries.

That is a brief look at the life and career of Dr. David Samadi. He is a dedicated man in every sense of the word. If he can save one person from having a urological disease then it will definitely be worth all the effort.

What Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu Resort Is Like

In 2013, venture capitalist and billionaire Chris Burch decided to open the most exotic vacation property he had in his portfolio yet. This property is Nihiwatu Resort, a 5-star hotel on a remote Indonesian island that has hotel suites built with a combination of traditional Indonesian homes while also having modern amenities in their interiors ( There’s also special restaurants in both pavilions and with outdoor seating, and if you love taking walks in nature’s garden places, you’ll find a lot of that on this property along with the massage service places both outdoor and indoor. Burch spent $30 million to build the hotel area, and he also had a separate lot purchased for his own home on the property that he travels for a portion of the year.

Burch became a billionaire from building a few companies from scratch, and from making big investments in others’ startups through his company Burch Creative Capital. This is where Burch likes to say creativity meets productivity because the startups that are funded here are taken from ideas that aren’t found in too many other startups. Companies that have been seeded here include some advanced tech solutions like Powermat, Pypestream and PCH International, while there are also more down to earth brands there like Little Duck Organics and Jack Rogers. Burch also hosts podcasts for business-minded people on his personal blog.

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Chris Burch earned a reputation as a serial entrepreneur because he never stops coming up with new business ideas, and the first one he had was for Eagle Eye Apparel back in the 1970s. He was a young college student at the time and he got into the business by buying sweaters at a factory and selling them around campus, and in just a couple years he was making millions in profits from sales. Eagle Eye Apparel had over 50 locations opened at the height of its time, and Burch would end up selling it for $60 million when he exited it. Several years after selling this company, Burch would become the co-owner of Tory Burch, a fashion brand that his then model wife planned to roll out.

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Burch’s first hotel ownership investment came in 2004 when he bought several shares in the Faena Hotel + Universe down in Argentina. His partnership with the Faena Group included several other property purchases including a condo in Miami. Other companies Burch has had stakes in include the Internet Capital Group and Guggenheim Partners. He’s also been on the boards of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and a former trustee of the Tilton School.

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AIA Appoints the Best in the Industry As Their Ceo/Vice President

     Located in Washington, D.C is a renowned organization; the American Institute of Architects. The AIA has been representing architects in the United States for decades! The organization has been solely responsible for revitalizing, as well as supporting, the profession of architecture. It offers various programs such as, but not limited to, community redevelopment and public outreach, among others. The company was established with a vision in the 1800’s by just a handful of passionate architects to give an identity to this field; changing the perspective of how the profession was viewed.

Currently, the American Institute of Architects is now run by a respectful public figure in the industry/profession, Robert Ivy. Ivy was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer since February 1st, 2011 and has been uniquely instrumental with respect to the growth and development of the firm. Robert Ivy also plays a pivotal role in various organizations and he has held many other roles as well. He is also the President and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction. Additionally, he held a post for several years as a principal at Ivy Architects – prior to his appointment to the corporate world.

During his life journey, he was recognized for his benevolent work and outstanding deeds. Robert, who is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts, for many years has been an apologist to the profession and giving insightful advice addressing some of the most common issues affecting the industry. Robert Ivy is, without a doubt, one of the best within his domain/field of work and he is sought for by many! He possesses several years of experience within the industry and he is a dynamic leader. Ivy’s professional attitude and deportment is indeed as asset that will be effectively utilized for the culmination of AIA.

Robert Ivy, whose newly appointed role is to direct and manage the national office in Washington, will govern – as well as focus, on the critical issues with regards to the institution. He is planning on that in turn to increase the organization’s ability to illustrate the perceived value and the perspective of the general masses of architecture, as a whole. Robert proclaimed in his time of election that, “he is committed to the profession, and the success of his members and their practices in this transformed economy”.

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Sujit Choudhry – An Excellence in Politics

Sujit Choudhry is the first Indian-American Dean at the University of California. He was born in 1970 and is intellectually inclined having finished his Master’s in Law at the Harvard School of Law. His vast and in-depth knowledge of law made him one of the most recognized figures in the constitutional building process. Due to this innate ability, he was called on to provide counsel and offer advice in countries such as South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, and Nepal which is just a few (

Choudhry’s recent trip to Kiev allowed him to talk with other experts about the semi-presidential system of government in Ukraine, where they tackle topics about the constitutional changes the country is dealing with at the moment. He said that it was indeed an honor for him to be talking with the experts about executive powers in the government, although he expresses concern that Ukraine’s democracy is not yet stable. And this is mainly due to the weak political parties, the legislature electoral system and the presidential power at hand.

As the Director of the prestigious Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry collaborates with professionals from over twenty-five different countries regarding political and constitutional affairs. At the moment, Professor Choudhry is a fellow leader in three worldwide collaborative research undertakings. The said projects are on Constitutional Transitions, Security Sector Reforms, and Territorial Cleavages. These projects have already a compilation of research and outputs that are ready for publication in 2017.

Sujit Choudhry’s research tackles a wide array of comparative constitutional law and politics. His study likewise concentrates on the design of the constitution as a channel to control the transition of governments from a violent political state to peaceful and democratic governance. Additional article on

As an author, Professor Choudhry has numerous books, papers, reports, articles, and journals that have been published. He had a significant contribution to the writing of Canada’s Constitutional Law. The International Society of Public Law and Migration of Constitutional Ideas are some of the books he has written (  Countries worldwide usually consult his book on Constitution Making whenever they are in the process of drafting or amending their respective constitutions.

Sujit Choudhry’s holistic knowledge of the law has certainly gained him an international prominence that was able to bring about long-lasting partnerships with everyone he comes across with.

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Shiraz Boghani Hospitality Career

Shiraz Boghani is not a stranger when it comes to success. The businessman is famed for his accomplishments in the tough markets. The renowned businessman was born in Kenya. His parents were living in Kenya when Shiraz was born, but they decided to move and settle in the United Kingdom in the year 1969. His parents were wealthy, and they could afford to take their son to leading schools in the UK. Boghani was passionate about accounts from a tender age, and this is why he decided to specialize in the subject when he went to the university. The businessman graduated with a degree from a leading college before he could venture into the corporate world.

Shiraz Boghani has had a very successful career. Immediately he got an opportunity to work in the complex markets, the businessman started getting experience, and this saw him acquire top positions in various companies. His employers were happy with the kind of results the businessman was producing, and this is why they gave him promotions. The educational background of Shiraz was a key factor in his success. After a career in accounts, the renowned businessman realized that he has a calling for the hospitality department. Venturing into this sector was the best thing the businessman did for his career.


Shiraz Boghani currently holds many positions. He is the chairman of the prestigious Sojourn Hotels. The businessman founded the group of hotels several years ago, and he has brought so many changes in the United Kingdom hospitality department. The businessman is also one of the founders of the popular institutions known as Sussex Health Care. The foundation has been instrumental in changing the lives of many mentally challenged personalities in the country. At the moment, the businessman is holding the position of managing partner at one of the most successful hotel companies in the country, known as Splendid Hotels.

Not long ago, the renowned accountant received an award because of the success experienced by Splendid Group of Hotels under his leadership. Getting an award in the hotel sector is not an easy activity. However, for Shiraz, the award did not come as a shock. The businessman has been very successful in this field, and he has made sure that his hotels become the leaders in the tight market. The businessman says that employees working at the Splendid Group made it easy for him to get the award. These professionals made sure that customers in the hotels are offered the services they are looking for.

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The success of Talkspace

Talkspace recently signed a deal to become a partner with Magellan Health, a large health insurance provider. Oren Frank, who founded Talkspace in 2012 and is the current CEO, once worked as a mental health professional. Unsatisfied with the number of people he was able to help, developed a way for therapists to interact with clients online.

Having over 500,000 users as of November 2017, Talkspace has proven its efficacy. Users of the service based app are able to keep in touch with mental health professionals through daily text messages, or through longer video chat based sessions. Because the entire therapy process is performed through the phone, a user is able to access therapy anytime. This is a perk for busy people who can’t find the time to regularly visit a therapist in their office.

Frank points to study of nearly 100,000 veterans when asked to prove the usefulness of online therapy. The study concluded that access to mental health care online reduced the number of hospitalizations and mental health incidents by 25 percent.

Talkspace is also getting rid of the stigma associated with therapy by giving access to therapy to anyone with a smartphone. Because of the deal with Magellan Health, the service may soon be available to people who have health care plans through Magellan Health.

Jed McCaleb: A Brilliant, Visionary, Genius With Cutting-Edge Technology

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of the universal financial network Stellar, believes technology should be consciously leveraged to improve the human condition and reduce inefficiency. A serial entrepreneur, McCaleb also created the file sharing network eDonkey, the first bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and he founded Ripple in 2011. Realizing the global financial infrastructure leaves too many people without resources or the means for economic participation, in 2014 he co-founded The goal of the financial network is to enable everyone to be able to enjoy economic participation.

At Stellar, Jed McCaleb is in charge of technical development. Stellar is a non-profit that contributes to open-source software and combines technology and digital financial literacy. It supports the Stellar network. McCaleb also advises MIRI, an organization which researches ways artificial intelligence can have a positive impact. He explained that the idea for Stellar came from his evolving interest in Bitcoin. He saw Bitcoin as more than an a new currency, but also a distributed database that connects financial institutions. He thinks the technology can potentially transform the world.

Jed McCaleb envisons Stellar helping the 2.5 billion people with no access to banking technology to save and send money cheaply and easily. He points out the financial infrastructure Stellar offers is already being implemented by non-profits and businesses. This includes South Africa’s Praekelt Foundation integrating Stellar into its open-source messaging app Vumi. Jed McCaleb constantly strikes a balance between leading technical development and management. He works in two modes, focused and reactive, to increase his productivity and efficiency. He codes and builds and handles the elements of running a business.

Excited about the potential artificial intelligence has to change the world, Jed McCaleb donates to the non-profit Machine Intelligence Research Institute. He also spends lots of time on planning, strategy and the essential elements of projects with global impact. His focus is on building great products. He doesn’t let failure stop him. His tenacity has led to his success. In January 2018 the value of McCaleb’s ownership of Ripple was $20 billion. On Forbes’ world’s richest people’s list he would have been ranked 40th.

Why AvaTrade is a Great Option to be Your Broker

If you are looking to invest money for growth and earn great return, diversifying your investments is a great option. While many people like to invest in the US stock market through stocks, bonds, and a variety of funds, there are other investment options that should be considered as well. One great investment option to consider would be to invest in the foreign exchange markets. The Forex markets provide a lot of opportunity to those that are seasoned investors and understand the risks.

While investing in Forex can be a great option for you, there are plenty of risks that go along with it. One of the biggest challenges that people can have when they are investing in these markets is that they do not truly understand the risks or challenges of the market. When you are looking to mitigate this challenge, one great option would be to pick a brokerage firm that can provide you with educational tools as well as the ability to invest your capital.

When you are looking for a new brokerage firm, one great option is AvaTrade. AvaTrade is a leading brokerage firm that provides a variety of services all over the world. Today, AvaTrade is one of the fastest growing forex brokers and it services more than $60 million in trades on a monthly basis. One of the main advantages of AvaTrade is that they also provide you with a great tool for investment advice.

When you are trading through AvaTrade review, you will get access to a lot of information that can help you be a better trader. Some of this includes gaining access to information about individual currencies as well as predictions about where each currency is headed. This can help to make you a far more seasoned investor and will ultimately teach you to identify these trends as well.

When you trade through AvaTrade, you will also be part of the AvaTrade community. There are open forums where people can ask questions and advice from AvaTrade employees as well as other seasoned traders. This can help to provide you with a fresh perspective and great advice.