PSI Pay Achieves Financial Success With Cashless Technology

Global cashless technology innovation company PSI Pay continues to surprise prospectors with the record financial results obtained from the success of its cashless digital technology innovations that are revolutionizing the way individuals buy, sale, and transfer funds. In fact, in 2015 the revenues at PSI Pay increased by 43%, business volumes also increased by 29%, and profit margins increased by 43% in 2014. The success of this organization has been predicated upon the popularity of cashless transactions in society today. PSI Pay continues to provide technological advancements that are creating opportunities for advancement within the banking infrastructure that are paving the way for creative new approaches to regular business transactions. With the creation of the digital payment ring a cashless device that is utilized to make purchases without the use of a credit, debit card or cash. The digital payment ring can be worn and waved over terminals to actually pay for basic items that customers need within organizations that have made the investment in the new technologies.


PSI Pay is continuing to provide safety and security measures that are backed by the likes of MasterCard where they are actually a principal member. PSI Pay is continuing to provide research and development in the areas of biometrics and various other wearable technologies that will allow further advancement in the cashless transaction infrastructure that will make purchasing, buying, selling, and transferring digital assets extremely safe and easy. Society is continuing to move towards the realization of cashless forms of payment and money transfers online and is creating an opportunity for companies like PSI Pay to capitalize on this new phenomenon and develop reliable forms of technology to capitalize on this pattern of living. The safety measures utilized at PSI Pay create opportunities for the company to increase their reliability with the elimination of identity theft by providing data protections that will ensure proper execution and elimination of fraudulent transactions.


The technology infrastructure at PSI Pay assists customers with opportunities that are on the cutting edge of the cashless technologies. The company continues to thrive financially and is committed to reinvesting in new research and development innovations that will continue to propel the company to extremely profitable returns on investment and lead to exceptional opportunities for the general public to make purchase transactions easier and more reliably.—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data

Sean Penn Wrote Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to Help People Connect

When Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff first came to Sean Penn, he knew there were things he wanted to add to the story. He wanted to incorporate modern elements that related to issues people have today. He also wanted people to see there were things they could do that would get better if they put things into perspective. It was his goal of creating positive opportunities that allowed Sean Penn the chance to continue connecting with everyone who read the book. Between the work he put into writing the book and everything else that went along with it, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the result of a lot of hard work on Sean Penn’s part. He felt it was important to keep doing things the right way so he could make the book even better for people who wanted to enjoy it.


Now that Sean Penn branched out beyond his acting career, he felt good about how he could help people. He also felt there were things people would use to get more opportunities the way he did. As an author, he has a chance to reach more people than what he did as an actor. He also feels it gives him a chance to connect with a different crowd than what he could with acting. Sean Penn always wanted to make sure he was doing things the right way and that’s how he made it easier on himself to write the book.


Even though Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is new, Sean Penn knows there are things he can use that will help the book succeed. He wants everyone to see what will happen when they make a career switch and that’s how he plans to become more successful with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book is politically-charged, but not in a way that would put people off on the book just because of their political affiliation. Sean Penn wanted to make sure the book could reach many people no matter what their beliefs were.


Sheldon Lavin Visionary OSI Group CEO Recieves Another Major Award

The India based Vision Institute recently selected OSI Group’s CEO Sheldon Lavin to receive their Global Visionary award. The organization gives the award to people who show the determination to make their long-term vision for their company become a reality. Lavin is the perfect choice for the award. He saw the potential for growth the OSI Group had when they came to his accounting firm in the 1970s looking for help to expand their facilities and upgrade their equipment. Lavin gave them the financial support they needed and began investing a great deal of his own money in the company.

When the owners retired, Sheldon Lavin used the large amount of stock he owned to take control of the company. He created an effective plan to expand the company’s customer base from the Midwest United States to countries all over the world. Lavin also instituted a number of innovative policies that focused on protecting food quality, work safety and stewardship of the environment. Sheldon Lavin has systematically expanded the service area of the OSI Group to include customers throughout North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Today, the Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group has expanded their product line from solely meat to now include fish, poultry, dough and vegetable products. Since Sheldon Lavin took over the company it has expanded to have over 20,000 workers and 70 food processing facilities in over 15 countries. Lavin’s work has earned him and the company a host of awards. The OSI Group’s food service work in Europe has won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor three times. Lavin’s policies and procedures have also earned the undying love and respect of the company’s employees.

Sheldon Lavin has a diverse skillset. He studied accounting and finance in college. Lavin also worked in the banking industry for a number of years before leaving to run an accounting firm. One of the things that sets Lavin apart is his understanding of what’s possible with the proper use of resources, training of staff and the most effective marketing efforts. Plus, Sheldon Lavin and his staff have also shown the ability to work well with foreign governments as well as producers and consumers from a wide range of countries. Sheldon Lavin is also a committed philanthropist who regularly gives to a variety of charitable causes and organizations. He truly is a very caring, loving individual.

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Need A Lawyer? – Ask Jeremy Goldstein

Finding an experienced lawyer can be troublesome, even in this day and age of technology. No matter what the issues are, finding a seasoned lawyer seems like finding a needle in a haystack.

But if you live in New York, chances are you have seen or heard of a new referral portal via the New York State Bar Association. The association has created a new and innovative way to get potential clients in touch with attorneys that are skilled in the area that it needed.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service, or simply known as LRIS, is a secure and private portal service that can be accessed 24 hr/365 day. This portal is in addition to the current LRIS telephone service system.

Users of the system are reassured that they will receive an attorney with the credentials of the matched information provided by the user. Attorney’s are credentialed and reviewed by the NY State Bar Association. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The NYSBA partnered with to create this unique website for referral management. Now with this technology, not only do the users have the ability to search and add criteria; but the attorney’s have the ability to streamline the disbursement of services to a larger scale of users.

User’s around the world can access the website and ask questions no matter what the topic. Questions can range from corporate to child custody litigation.

LRIS has been around for more than three decades assisting the public with finding a skilled lawyer. Previously the organization handled ten thousand or more calls daily. But now with he addition of the website; the organization can reach more of the public with a better success rate. The website is easy to use and very user friendly. Below are the steps used to access and research for a potential lawyer:

  • User’s go to the website ( and fill out the questionnaire along with their location
  • The NYSBA reviews the questionnaire and matches the information with a nearby lawyer
  • Next the information is forwarded to the nearest county or local lawyer referral system
  • Referrals are free, but the first 30-min consultation is $35.00. There are exceptions to this rule (cases regarding personal injury, social security and a few others.
  • After the consultation it is up to the lawyer and the potential client to move forward (with additional fees).

Jeremy Goldstein, LRIS, and NYSBA

One of the members of the NYSBA and LRIS is Jeremy Goldstein. Attorney Goldstein is renown for his legal prowess in the corporate litigation arena. His focus ranges from advisement on compensation and corporate governance to mergers and acquisitions.

He is the Partner and Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His name is synonymous with some of the high profile large corporate acquisitions in the previous ten years.

Besides holding the reigns at his own legal firm, he is a member and board member of several committees and subcommittees. His is the Chairperson of Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.

He has authored and spoken on several corporate governance and executive compensation topics at many conferences and meetings.

He is also a member of the NYU Journal of Law and Business and holds a professional seat on the board of members. Lastly, he a philanthropist. He has donated to the Fountain House, which focuses on the well being and recovery of men and women that suffer from mental illness.

Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Medium and Jeremy Goldstein | Twitter

The Fortress Investment Group Partners Up

The Fortress Investment Group has outperformed the competition for the last decade. They opened their doors for business in 1998 and since then have become one of the leading diversified global investment management firms in existence. They are known for leveraging their great experience within specialized markets in order to employ various investment strategies which have been shown to make profit. They are highly trained in the areas of private equity, permanent capital, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. They position their 1500 member workforce with in one of four categories. Each individual has advanced training in these areas, which is why they can manage billions of dollars of worth of money and know that in all likelihood it will be safe. The Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired for several billion dollars, which goes on to show just how influential on the global scene may have been.

Their purchaser was a Japanese-based investment firm who wanted to partner with the Fortress Investment Group to expand their horizons within the United States of America and abroad.The Fortress Investment Group has grown to manage $43.6 billion over the years because it has built itself on a strong foundation. These five strong foundations are the reason that over 1750 corporate leaders trust the Fortress Investment Group to maintain and manage their revolving funds. One area where the Fortress Investment Group is highly respected is in the area of real estate. This is due to the fact that real estate provides long-term cash flows for the business. These are asset-based investments. In other words, once you purchase the asset, it then began giving you cash flow every single month. Examples of this are real estate, that, and, credit cards. These cash flow longevity is have made the Fortress Investment Group a lot of money over the years.

The Fortress Investment Group also manages one of the most intelligent teams in the area of investment management. Every single one of their workers who analyze investments have an advanced degree in either private equity, capital vehicles, credit equity, or credit hedge funds. This allows them to build significant relationships with chief executive officers and then leverage the relationships within the sector worldwide order to gain a substantial profit. The Fortress Investment Group also uses their industry knowledge to management operations. Their team is so highly trained that they can take a complex mathematical problem in weighing the risks versus the reward and how to achieve profit in these areas. They also operate in the field of capital markets. The Fortress Investment Group is widely known for their capital market expertise. This expertise is mostly seen in acquiring low-cost and low risk financing their investments. They do this by leveraging the debt equity living capital markets. The Fortress Investment Group names some of the richest chief executive officers in the world as their customers and clientele make up. Most people trust them to invest billions of dollars in order to see quite substantial profits.

The Story of Hero Ronald Fowlkes, Businessman and Mentor

Ronald Fowlkes stepped out of the police force, and onto the ice. The business development member, formerly the leader of a SWAT team in one of the United States’ largest cities and a marine on the front lines of battle, focuses on mentoring children and teens who are passionate about hockey. This started when his son joined the St. Louis Blues Triple-A team three years ago, and since then, Ronald Fowlkes has made himself responsible for the off-ice training of the boys, and for providing them with equipment. His job at FirstSpear was an inspiration for him when it came to mentoring the team. As a mentor, he teaches the kids on the team the importance of valuing and caring for their equipment, and trains them in order so they can be at their peak physically when they’re on the ice. As a hockey enthusiast, he cares about helping the kids be the best they can be, and enjoys becoming aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his players so he can develop them the best he can, and helping them open up and have someone they can trust. The St. Louis Blues Triple A-Team is currently ranked 27th in the nation, showing that his efforts and the efforts of the kids he’s mentoring have been paying off.


Ronald Fowlkes’ history as a Marine and policeman show how much of a hero he has been to the country as well as to these kids. His role at FirstSpear is Business Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement / Commercial products. He also provides product education for more than 150 salespeople. From 1989 to 1993, Fowlkes was a member of the Marine Corps, serving in the First Gulf War and being promoted twice for his skill and success. He attended US Parachute School, the Advanced Navy-Marine Corps, Parachute Insignia, an engineering course, and the Naval Special Warfare Foundation driver school.


After his service, he worked with the Department of Defense as a contractor in Iraq, working with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, focusing on infantry operations. He still works with the military of the US as an instructor on hostage rescue, tactical operations, questioning of detained individuals, evidence collection and CBQ/post-blast analysis. During his 13 years of employment as a law enforcer and his 10 years at the St. Louis Police Department, he was on the Human Rescue Team and became certified in SWAT and URBAN warfare tactics, shoot house, tactical rifle and defense tactics. He is highly dedicated and educated, having dealt alongside his team with over 250 highly risky issues including hostage situations. He also investigated illegal drug trafficking and drug possession as a member of another team.


Sean Penn, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and America

This spring is the debut of Sean Penn’s book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This satirical look at the United States and its current political landscape, follows the anti hero “Bob”. Bob is a baby boomer, who loathes his ex wife, remains anti social, for the most part, and is pessimistic about the state of American affairs. Bob works for a mysterious employer, and goes on mallet wielding sprees, in which he takes out older citizens, who his employers says stand in the way of globalism and progress. With no formal plot structure, this novel has been called a trippy read, that intentionally confuses the reader at times.


However, through the chaos, there seems to be a taste of symbolism and truth in the story. For example, the reader follows Bob as he witnesses the 2016 presidential election, he reacts to the killing of police officers in Dallas, and he also praises the views of Hugo Chavez. There also is a character that is eerily similar to El Chapo, reflecting Penn’s meeting with the notorious gangster. Even towards the end of the book, Bob writes an angry letter to the “landlord” of the United States, calling him a narcissist. This is a clear stab at the current president of the U.S., Trump.


At times, it becomes hard to distinguish between Bob, and Penn, and it seems that Bob has been made unquantifiable because he is supposed to resemble Penn. Both people are baby boomers, and have outspoken views on politics, Bob is just a satirical take. In a CBS Morning interview, Penn says that in this book, “some people are going to get this book, and some people are… not going to get this book.” This seems to have served its purpose, as Penn does a good job of reflecting his world view through a fictional dystopia. The New York Times even says that Penn’s “real interest here is capturing what America has become – and taking a mallet to it.” Penn seems to have succeeded.;eyJ0b3RhbCI6MTMsInR5cGUiOiJ0YWciLCJpZCI6ODAyM30


Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group and its Investment Progress

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset manager. It focuses on investing, raising, & managing private equity funds, public alternative investments vehicles, as well as hedge funds. In the recent engagements, the company is expected to operate in collaboration with SoftBank Vision Fund Group Corporation and intends to buy the alternative asset managing company for $3.3 billion in cash form to establish their investment fund technology. SoftBank Group is a global company that is committed to bringing in the information revolution. Their companies entail advanced telecommunications, AI, internet services, and smart robotics among others. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has managed assets for over 1,750 institutional customers as a well as the private investors globally. Their strategies revolve around permanent capital, real estate, credit, and private equity. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group was completed and the acquisition is bringing investment expertise in the merge.

However, they insisted that Fortress Investment Group would operate as an independent company with the previous employees and the executives working in their positions as usual with no changes to the leadership stream.The merger agreement was effective in June 2017 and the acquisition signed in December. The outcome is that the common stocks for Fortress will be delisted from the New York stock exchange market and consolidate the finances to be reflected on the SoftBank’s Group financial statements. The impact of the consolidation is expected to be announced by SoftBank Group. SoftBank will as well operate as an independent firm. The headquarters for Fortress remains in New York and the principals of the company are Peter Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens. It is a deep hope for SoftBank that they will maintain the business model, leadership, brands, the personnel, the business culture, and the processes that have enabled Fortress to remain successful this far. Fortress Investment Group investments have continued to grow rapidly despite the financial difficulties that faced the company sometime back.Fortress Investment Group is one of the first large private equity organizations to be traded publicly in the entire United States. Fortress has undergone rapid expansion with focus revolving around the real estate related investments, hedge funds, and debt securities under the leadership of its principals whose experiences and expertise surpasses any others in the investment world.

The leadership structure has various executives with major leaders being three individuals serving in the company’s topmost positions. Randal Nardone is the chief executive officer, principal, and co-founder whereas Wesley Edens serves as a co-founder and the principal. At the same time, Peter Briger is the principal of the great company Fortress Group. Having been founded as a pure firm in private equity, Fortress has continued to diversify and is becoming a global investment manager that many clients are running to for assistance. The three major fields under Fortress remains credit, private equity, and the permanent capital vehicles. Among the career opportunities in Fortress lie under capital formation group, credit funds, corporate group, fortress affiliate, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity and are spread through their offices and centers in the United States. They advertise for opportunities on their websites for anyone looking forward to working with them.

Know Why Waiakea Water Has Attained Unmatched Global Recognition

Life would no longer be life without clean and healthy water to use. It is true that you can get springs of water in any supermarket you get to but you may not get the desired brand you want. This doesn’t mean the solution is far from reach. Waiakea has come to solve this problem once and for all. It provides the best Hawaiian volcanic water you may have ever come across. Most of those who have consumed Waiakea water say it is the best dose for anyone with hydration issues. The brand is available in different quantities and perfect sizes to ensure that people with active lifestyles, which require the natural way and significant hydration, get what they have been looking for.

The volcanic water benefits that come with this brand are numerous. Even with just 1L Waiakea bottled water, you are sure the water would quench your thirst and probably improve your health in a great way. Most people like Waiakea water because its bottles are eco-friendly, convenient, and sleek. Waiakea happens to be the first bottled water to be CarbonNeutral-certified. It is uniquely packaged and sustainably sourced and this has multiplied its influence in the social programs.

This water is known to be filtered using a high-quality technique where a porous volcanic rock of thousands of feet is used. Waiakea water doesn’t just contain the natural alkaline element, but it is also enriched with the right electrolytes and minerals. The volcanic water of this company has a natural alkalinity of about 8.8ph and it is great for athletes and runners. Being the most alkaline natural water the world has, Waiakea water is effective in enhancing acid-base balance in the body.

The water also reverses osteoporosis by increasing bone density in the body. Some of the other health benefits associated with Waiakea water include preventing premature aging, preventing free-radical damage and neutralizing stomach acid. Waiakea was established in 2012 and there was no other volcanic water brand in Hawaii before. This water is good for resonating lifestyles and inspiring real positive changes in the lives of people in many ways. It has also contributed to environmental conservation among millions of Americans today.,18.htm

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Hands Over The Presidency To Octavio De Lazari Junior

The economic function of a banking institution involves the provision of funds for businesses and personal needs of every individual. Alongside playing a significant role in a nation’s economy by acting as an intermediary between those who have surplus money and those who need money, banking institutions are responsible for stabilizing the economy of a country by facilitating business transactions. Banco Bradesco is one such institution that continues to support the healthy economy of Brazil. Known as a leading financial services institution as well, recently it underwent tremendous changes following the resignation of the longest-serving president; Mr. Brandao de Mello.

Background Data

Brandao de Mello resigned at the age of 91. He had served the company for more than two decades and was now ready to hand over the leadership realms to a youthful financial services expert. While resigning, he specified the importance of maintaining internal recruitment in the organization. To reiterate his point, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to serve as the incumbent president. That was until March 2018 when the board of directors who held a meeting to select the new president. Now recently, the board of directors held a meeting to choose a new leader. After a series of conferences and continuous scrutinizing of resumes, they settled for one Octavio de Lazari Junior as their preferred candidate.

The New President

Octavio de Lazari is 54 years old and is the serving vice president of Bradesco. His appointment as new CEO was solely based on the fact that he is experienced and harbors diligence coupled with tremendous people skills. Moreover, he has intriguing leadership skills crafted with a better understanding of how Bradesco runs. Having joined the bank in 1978, it is definite that he is well-versed with the demands of clients and colleagues. Over and above, Octavio de Lazari Junior has a bachelor’s degree in economy and sciences after graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Osasco.


Additional Information

On the other hand, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will maintain his initial position as the chairman of the company. Alongside that, he will fulfill his term as the outgoing chief executive officer until Octavio de Lazari Junior is ready to take over. Well, because of these new transitions, most employees and even outsiders have been raising questions about the direction of the company. It is clear that these changes will have a significant impact on Bradesco. However, the effect inclines its weight on the positive side of the scale.

The Overview

Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Bradesco when he was about seventeen years old. He first worked as a clerk then earned a promotion as a finance manager. Being that he was dedicated to giving the best in all ways, he often impressed the board of directors. Finally, he was promoted to work as the chairman of the board. But before that, he had walked Banco Bradesco through tremendous success stories that earned it substantial share markets. It is correct to conclude that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a competent business leader, team player and project manager.

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