OSI Group Continues To Enjoy International Growth

For most people shopping for food at their local supermarket their is no thought given to the origin of their purchases. It is also quite certain that most restaurant diners are equally unconcerned with where the ingredients for the dishes they enjoy were purchased. In most cases the companies that provide the food we enjoy operate with not much fan fare.

OSI Group, a company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a leading food production company. OSI produces a variety of product but maintains a keen focus on protein items. These items are either packaged and sold at local supermarkets or served to customers at restaurant chains.

OSI Group is a privately held corporation. Led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and president David McDonald, OSI Group presently operates in 17 countries and is focused on further expansion.

OSI Group has recently concentrated its expansion efforts in Europe. In August 2016, the company purchased a controlling interest in Baho Food. Baho food is a Dutch company that maintains facilities the Germany and the Netherlands. At the time of acquisition, Baho food provided food to eighteen European countries. This number is expected to increase under the leadership of OSI Group.

OSI Group’s European effort also includes the 2016 purchase of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe produces frozen poultry, pies and condiments. It is expected that with the support now provided by OSI Group that Flagship Europe will be better equipped to make use of new opportunities on the continent of Europe.

Despite OSI Groups focus on international expansion the company has not abandoned all domestic focus. In June of 2016 the company expanded its territory in the United States via the purchase of a Chicago food plant that had once been operated by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had originally intended to close the plant before being offered $7.4 million by OSI Group. OSI Group’s acquisition of this plant saved the local community of south side Chicago over 500 jobs while greatly increasing the production capabilities of the company.

The longevity of OSI Group has proven to be just as impressive as the company’s growth. David McDonald believes that the key to the company’s success has been its ability to engage the local consumer base with foods specifically tailored to cultural tastes. With each newly entered market, OSI Group is careful to educate itself in regards to the desires and needs of the local market to enable the company to sufficiently meet these requirements.

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