OSI Group Continues Rapid Expansion

OSI Group started simply as Otto & Sons, a humble American, Chicago area butchery, and grocer, in 1909. It was a family owned shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky himself, who established the ethics and quality the later organization would continue to be known for. The humble meat shop would expand worldwide and grow to more than 65 shops, managing food production for numerous regions. It continues to expand in the present day.

In 1955 Otto and Sons developed what would soon become a powerful partner, McDonald’s. The quality of McDonald’s hamburgers would be supplied by the butchery, and the meat company would grow alongside the restaurant chain as it soon required an Otto & Sons plant dedicated to serving the chain. In the 1970’s Otto and Sons would follow McDonald’s beyond the United States with the support of future CEO Sheldon Lavin, while renaming to OSI Group. Lavin’s support would rocket OSI Group to new markets, with OSI Group serving Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Austria by the 1980’s and the Philippines, Mexico, and Poland by the 90’s. Poultry became a big new business for the company in the 2000’s, with expansion into India and Canada to follow alongside expansion in the United States.

Now CEO, Sheldon Lavin continues to mark his leadership with rapid expansion and a genuine interest in the companies employees and ethics. While OSI has become an international corporation, Lavin has succeeded in keeping his organization United despite its ethnic diversity. He is devoted to lessoning OSI’s environmental impact. He keeps OSI Group honest with policies that limit damage to the environment and remain sustainable for years to come across all of its facilities. For more info about us: https://www.mapquest.com/us/iowa/osi-industries-llc-6772346 click here.

Lavin’s history with the company extends past four decades to when he worked with the original Kolschowsky family. When the family retired he had doubts about continuing their legacy when control of OSI Group passed to him, as he did not want to stay in the leadership role unless he could positively expand the company. Now with numerous plants and with representatives that span oceans, OSI Group continues to deliver quality meat to the public.